Why Working Remotely Is A Great Option

If you’ve been on the hunt for  a first or new gig, you’ve probably noticed there’s an increasing number of remote work opportunities.  What with the ever-increasing cost of housing and providing on-site support for employees, it’s no surprise that many companies are looking at allowing for working remotely.  But what’s in it for the employee?  Why would you choose a position that segregates you from your company and team?  Check out these surprising reasons why working remotely may be a golden ticket to your future.  And whether you’re looking for a new position or an employer considering developing a remote team, check out this comprehensive guide to working remotely.

Independence and The Entrepreneurial Mindset

When you work remotely, it may be at home or as a digital nomad.  No matter which, your mindset will by necessity change.  You’ll be the CEO of your remote world.   While you’re still connected to your team or company, there’s a feeling of independence.  It’s you who is primarily  responsible for your success or failure.

While the change to working remotely will undoubtedly require some adjustment, it creates a self-paced internship in being “the boss.”  There’s probably no other work environment that prepares you so directly to think, act, and gain experience in being ultimately responsible.  Should you choose, the transition to a business of your own will be much more familiar.

Time Manager

No matter your perspective, time is our most valuable commodity.  When you begin working remotely, you’ll have to manage two aspects of your time.  First, how much time you invest in completing your required tasks.  Second, how you manage attempted intrusions into your time as you work remotely.

You may initially simply accept that you’ll still be obligated to work an 8 hour day.  However, you’ll soon realize that you’re being compensated for productivity.   Getting the job done efficiently.  Which means you can use your entrepreneurial creativity to produce the same results in less time.  That time is a huge bonus to you.  It becomes available for pursuit of your own passions, hobbies, or family interests.

Working remotely does, however, mean you’ll have to manage many distractions.  Setting appropriate goals and boundaries will be required.  But the payoff is that you’ll be honing your own time management skills.  So once again, it’s like that internship, and what you learn is 100% to your own benefit.

Life Flexibility

When you work in the office, the hours are normally set.  If you have something come up that is important or critical to you, you have to request time off.  Imagine being able to be in near complete control of your schedule.  Yes, you’ll still have to meet the schedules of those with whom you work.  But there’s generally no one counting heads.  It’s the results that count.

As you become more fully adjusted to working remotely, you’ll find it easy to move and balance your daily life to meet your needs, not the company.  So those business and life opportunities that come up will be easier to fit into your schedule.

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Working Remotely Isn’t For Everyone

While working remotely isn’t for everyone, if you have a reasonable amount of self-discipline and motivation, it’s an option you should definitely consider.  Especially if you have aspirations of being your own boss, it offers experience that is difficult to duplicate.  It can be the springboard to creating your own entrepreneurial venture.


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