Yeah, The Girls Like The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions, Too!

I admit it.  I’ve always liked sparkly and shiny things.  While that usually interprets to some new jewelry or rainbow-inducing crystals, I’m also just like most Americans.  Totally in love with my car!  And ever since I was a teenager I’ve been entranced by those big, powerful machines.  Along the way, I’ve owned a few.  A Corvette.  More than one Nissan 300ZX.  And even a classic Boss 302 Mustang.  So when the opportunity came around to (finally) make it to one of the world famous Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions, how could I possibly resist?  No disappointment here, and if you’re anywhere in the neighborhood of the 2019 Barrett-Jackson auctions, and you like cars as much as I do, I’d highly recommend you attend.

There’s some highlights of the Las Vegas auction that took place September 27 through 29 below.  But before you think it’s all just crazy guys and their rides, check out this statistic:

Where else can you make that kind of money AND have all the fun of owning one of these beauties?

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2018

First and foremost, of course, are the cars.  Not sure what I was expecting, but when I walked into the exhibition hall and saw all those gorgeous cars, I’m sure my eyes got big as saucers.  Hundreds of them.  Every color, every brand, from the oddly silly classic to factory limited production machines putting out 800+ horsepower.  It took heaps of willpower to keep myself from getting a bidding number and trying to bring one home!

Here’s a sample of some classic muscle cars –

And if you’re a movie buff, how about Eleanor from “Gone In 60 Seconds?”

Of course, it’s not all about raw power.  For the off-road fans, there was a generous selection of highly-modified Jeep and other rock crawlers, including this monster –

But Wait – There’s More!

The auction itself is hypnotic.  I guess that’s the idea behind that melodic bid calling of the professional auctioneer.  The combined elements of competitive bidders, and a bit of lustful wanting, and it’s pretty easy to start raising your hand to join in.  Here’s a sample –

(YouTube video via This and That)

When you need a break from drooling over all the cars (does that happen?), you can wander around the automotive-related vendors, grab a snack, or even try your hand behind the wheel, courtesy of Dodge.  I had a standout favorite in the vendor area, because, well, more shiny objects!

Artist Scotty Ziegler creates some stunning automotive art.  He calls it “tastefully edgy.”   I’d call it classy with a bit of sassy.  With the high-intensity lighting in the convention center, the pics I took would not do justice to his work.  So here’s one from his website.

Mark Your Calendar!

The next Barrett-Jackson is in Scottsdale, Arizona in January.  What better excuse to escape the winter blues than heading to the sunny Southwest and enjoying more metal eye candy than you ever imagined!






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