You Go Girl! Home Renovation Tips Just for Girls

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While home improvement and renovation have historically been seen as a “guy thing” by many people, who’s to say that girls can’t have fun renovating their home as well. After all, there’s a fine line between interior decorating and renovation, and we all know how much a girl likes to decorate her living space. However, while we like to take an “I can do anything you can do better” approach towards home improvement, there are some home improvement projects that most women would rather avoid. Likewise, there are also certain kinds of renovations that women enjoy and find easy to do. With that said, let’s look at five girly renovation tips we know you’ll love:

1. Adding an Island Bar in the Kitchen

If you’re like most women, you find yourself always wanting more counter space and more room to enjoy prepping and serving meals and drinks. Adding an island bar to your kitchen not only gives you another component to make your life in the kitchen easier, it also looks great and makes a convenient conversation spot. Fortunately, buying and assembling an island bar is something that most girls won’t have a problem with, and you can even buy a bar that has detachable wheels for easy moving.

You might also be interested in kitchen drawers, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen, to store your spices, cutlery, small appliances, and even items used for cooking. You can find drawers explicitly designed for outdoor kitchens, so they don’t rust or attract insects while exposed to the elements. Besides giving your kitchen a sleek and sophisticated look, it will also help keep your outdoor cabinets organized and clutter-free, so you can fully enjoy spending time in your outdoor kitchen.

2. Upgrading the Bathroom Mirror, Wall Paper, Sink, and/or Vanity Cabinets

Most of us spend our fair share of time in the bathroom making ourselves look beautiful for the world, so why not take the time to make your bathroom more beautiful and functional? Maybe start by upgrading your bathroom mirror to a more stylish model, as the mirror is considered by many to be the focal point of the bathroom. You could also try installing new wallpaper to suit your aesthetic preferences, or installing a new sink/vanity cabinet combo. Any of these bathroom renovations are perfectly suitable for girls of all ages, and most of us would appreciate a better looking bathroom.

3. Adding a Custom Mural to the Bedroom or Living Room

A mural is considered a kind of home renovation because it is added to the wall, ceiling or other permanent structure in the home. Paint a custom mural on the wall of your living room or bedroom is an artistic way to put your own personal touches on your home renovation project. If you’re not a great painter, you can try using stencils to make it easier, or there’s always the option of hiring someone to do it. One secret tip that can sometimes get a great mural painted for free is to find a local artist to volunteer for the job with the incentive that they’ll be able to add the piece to their portfolio.

4. Paving a Walkway or Lounge Area in the Patio or Yard

While laying down pavement doesn’t sound like a “girl’s job” there are slabs that make it possible for anyone to lay out an elaborately designed walkway or paved lounge area. These paving slabs make it easy to install a custom paved patio with no prior experience required. This isn’t the old-fashioned kind of paving you might be imagining either, it’s a very user-friendly process and doesn’t require much expertise or special skills. Even if you’ve never paved anything before, you can still use Easy Pave slabs to get professional looking results without the backbreaking work or expensive equipment that conventional paving sometimes requires.

5. Redesigning the Laundry Room

Every woman, especially mothers, would love to have a more efficient, comfortable, and appealing laundry room to work in. While changing out the washer and dryer are obvious steps, you might also want to consider adding a large wash sink for the tougher jobs that require manual scrubbing, or adding a stronger vent fan to improve air circulation and reduce heat build-up while the dryer is running. Sometimes repositioning appliances and changing the layout of the laundry room itself is all that is needed to free up space and make the room more conducive to getting laundry done.

Sometimes relying solely on the internet for inspiration can keep you from some really great ideas that you might’ve come up with yourself if you had just taken the time to brainstorm before going to Google for the answer. We’re not saying that to be rude, but to inspire you to be unique and revolutionary in all your efforts, which is something that all business-minded women should strive for continually.

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