3 Common Health Problems That Could Be Affecting Your Job Performance

There are a lot of things around us that can make it difficult to do our job. Every winter, cold and flu season come around and knock you down, making it necessary to skip a day or two of work in order to nurse yourself back to health. If you have a baby, you likely took a few weeks off work to recover and bond with your little one. However, there are some health problems that you might not even think about that could be affecting the way you do your job and your productivity levels. So to help you work to your full potential, here are three common health problems you may want to be aware of and consider seeking medical help with if you experience them.

Chronic Pains

 It’s not uncommon for people to experience mild pains all throughout the day. Whether you worked out hard the day before and have sore muscles or you experience headaches on a regular basis, most people are used to living with at least a small amount of pain during their daily routines. However, this pain can make it hard to concentrate on your job. According to Monica Patrick, a contributor to Chron Small Business, people who experience pain at work are less likely to function at their optimum ability. To combat this, check in with your own body and see if you are feeling any pains that don’t seem like something you should be experiencing frequently. Your doctor can help you determine what to do from there.

 Vision Issues

 Almost all jobs require the use of your eyes in one form or another, but you may be surprised to know how many people have vision issues but never seek help to fix this problem. While you can learn to live with vision that isn’t perfect without correction, being able to see accurately can make your job easier, regardless of what tasks you’re doing. DriverCheck.ca shares that especially if your job requires you to work in a safety-sensitive position or if your position requirements necessitate detailed work, you should get the vision help you need to meet your job standards. Also, if you’re colorblind, this could potentially affect the accuracy with which you can complete your tasks as well, if they’re color-based.

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 If you suffer from depression, you likely already know how this can make working difficult. However, if you have undiagnosed depression, you may not be aware of why exactly you’re having a hard time at work. Investopedia shares with Forbes.com that depression is one of the leading causes of absenteeism at work—and if you’re not at work, you can’t do a good job at work. Depression can also lead to things like substance abuse, which can make doing your job even more difficult. If you struggle with depression, see your doctor to find ways to help yourself excel at work despite this problem.

Your physical body has a big impact on your mental state, including productivity at work. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure your body’s in the right state to help you be successful on the job.