3 Ideas To Help Attract New Customers To Your Niche Business

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As a niche business owner, you will likely be familiar with the fact that you can follow a lot of generic business advice and still see some decent results. However, when it comes to actively growing your customer base, there are a few strategies that are particularly useful to businesses with a niche, specialist focus, such as…

Attending trade shows

 While some generic trade shows, open to all types of business regardless of their specialization, do exist, for the most part trade shows tend to focus on specific types of business – car dealership trade shows, gadget trade shows, and so on. As a result, finding a trade show that is dedicated to your niche should ensure you can elevate your company’s profile and appeal directly to customers who are definitely interested (as evidenced by their attendance at the trade show) in companies such as yours.

Set up a “refer a friend” scheme

 Humans tend to share interests; we all naturally gravitate towards people with whom we have things in common, and can enjoy shared experiences. It therefore makes sense that existing customers of your niche business will know someone who may also be interested in your business. Setting up a generous “refer a friend” scheme (such as offering a discount to both the referrer and the referred friend)  that encourages your existing customers to refer your company to friends and family can capitalize on these shared interests, and bring new customers to your business as a result.

Advertise on niche websites or trade-specific publications

 Advertising your business more will always be a good way to draw the attention of new customers, but where you advertise that business also matters. Rather than focusing on very standard, appeals-to-all advertising, you will usually see better results by advertising directly to an interested audience. The infographic below showcases how advertising on a niche eLearning website benefited businesses who produce eLearning-related software, and the same principle applies to any niche business area – advertise on websites (or trade publications or magazines) that will be visited by people who most likely to be interested in your company, rather than seeking to appeal to the general public as a whole.

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