3 Simple Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

mental health

If you look back a decade, mental health had a stigma attached to it. Those people who suffered from anxiety, stress and bouts of depression were seen as somehow weak. This was even more pronounced if you happened to be male. Fast forward ten years, and the outlook and views on mental well being are changing, and rightly so. Mental health is being seen as just as important as physical well being. Depression and anxiety are illnesses that need medical intervention as much as a broken leg or a nasty bout of food poisoning. You need to learn to listen to your mind as well as your body, and consider how you will look after your mental health.


 The most important aspect of our mental well being is our ability to share our problems. Becoming isolated and feeling alone does nothing but feed a stress related illness. Instead, you need to call a friend, visit your parents or call a helpline to vent, rant and cry. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes, so it’s vital that you find yours. Going to the doctor isn’t admitting defeat, it’s being courageous in recognising that you have a problem that needs solving. For those who rely on alcohol as a crutch to cope with their depression, a stint in rehab may help. For those who struggle with stress or PTSD, pills may not be prescribed. You might be advised to look into mindfulness or yoga as an alternative.


 Mindfulness is a way of reprogramming your thought process. Instead of constantly worrying about the future, the negative things that may occur and stressing about things that might never happen in the first place, you learn to live more in the moment. Yes, worrying thought may come into your head, but you learn to accept them and think about something more positive. A mindfulness course, prescribed by your doctor, may last eight to ten sessions, by the end of which you’ll be armed with a variety of new ways to banish negative thoughts. Coupled with yoga, you can learn a range of breathing techniques and a physical exercise that can help you destress and feel lighter and healthier.

 Do Something New

 They often say that a change is as good as a rest. For many people, doing something new and different can give them a boost and help give them something to look forward to. Sometimes, breaking the monotony of life can empower us to feel more alive. It might be time to have a go at that cake decorating class you’ve always had your eye on.  Or you might want to give that free martial arts taster session a go, or perhaps you will start learning the piano after all. It doesn’t matter what this new activity is, the fact that you’re willing to give something new a go, get out there, meet new people and change up your free time, shows that you are being proactive and that you want to get out of your rut.

 Having imperfect mental health can affect anyone at any time. It is how you deal with it that matters. Follow this guide and look after your mental well being.




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