13 Chilling Thrillers to Keep You Cool This Summer


Here it is, the middle of August.  Yes, we’re only a bit over a month from the official end of summer. And that means the season of the scare – Halloween – is just around the corner.  But take heart, there’s still time to grab one of these captivating thrillers for a weekend escape.

Before the summer disappears, head to your favorite sunny beach, soak up that sunshine.  When the sun gets hot, you’re sure to get a few chills from these!

13 Chilling Thrillers to Keep You Cool This Summer

I Know Everything by Matthew Farrell

When the wife of famous psychiatrist Randall Brock is found dead, everyone initially assumes it was the result of a car accident. But soon, the medical examiner learns that the death was due to foul play, and everyone suspects her husband is to blame. Meanwhile, Randall knows he’s not the one who killed his wife and when a mysterious stranger steps forward claiming to know what really happened, Randall will have to put everything on the line to make sure the rightful killer is taken down.

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

New York Times bestselling author Riley Sager is back with another shockingly twisted thriller. When Jules Larsen accepts a job as an apartment sitter at one of Manhattan’s most glitzy and famed apartment buildings, the Bartholomew, she is ready to leave her old life behind. As Jules slowly finds out more and more about the dark history of the Bartholomew, she finds herself in a perilous situation when another apartment sitter goes missing. In an epic race against the clock, Jules must unveil a killer and expose the building’s notorious past before she becomes a permanent resident.

The Runaway by Hollie Overton

LAPD forensic psychologist Becca Ortiz knew that taking on a teenage girl as a foster child wouldn’t be a walk in the park, but she accepted Ash the moment she committed to taking care of her. Knowing Ash’s past of spending her days on the streets, it’s no surprise when she runs away and returns to an unsavory life in Los Angeles. But Becca is determined to bring Ash back to her new life, traversing through the dangerous criminal underworld of LA and risking everything to bring her home.


Those People by Louise Candlish

From the international bestselling author of Our House comes a gripping domestic thriller that will make you question everything you know about your neighbors. When Darren and Jodie move into a beautiful neighborhood where the houses are pristine and everyone gets along, they upset the balance by blaring music on the weekends and keeping the exterior of their house unsightly, leading to an all-out war. When a horrifying murder shocks the whole neighborhood, everyone begins to reveal their suspicions and soon, damaging secrets begin to come to light.

 Speaking of Summer by Kalisha Buckhanon

 Kalisha Buckhanon’s Speaking of Summer is a suspenseful literary thriller that dishes out important commentary on the topics of racism and mental illness. When Autumn’s twin sister Summer goes missing, Autumn takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance while the authorities ignore yet another case involving a missing Black woman. In her mission to find her sister, Autumn begins to unravel and becomes obsessed with the murders of other local women, hoping her understanding of their stories could help her find her sister.

The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

Not your ordinary escape room, this shocking debut thriller from Megan Goldin will keep you guessing until the end. When four Wall Street executives participate in an escape room as a team-building exercise, things quickly take a dark turn as this harmless game turns into a brutal fight for survival. As secrets are exposed, highlighting their ruthless climb up the corporate ladder, someone must ultimately decide who will commit murder in order to survive.

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

 From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of In a Dark, Dark Wood comes a suspenseful thriller for the 21st century. When Rowan Caine finds a job posting for a live-in nanny in a gorgeous, high-tech house, she thinks she’s hit the jackpot. Little does she know her dream job is about to turn into a nightmare that sends her to prison awaiting trial for murder. Malfunctioning technology, constant surveillance and ill-behaved children lead to Rowan’s demise, yet she still claims she is not guilty. If Rowan didn’t commit murder, then who did?

 Because You’re Mine by Rea Frey

 As a single mother, Lee has always taken great care of her on-the-spectrum son, Mason. But everything changes when her best friend convinces her to go away for the weekend and take some time for herself. Leaving her son with his trustful tutor, Noah, she takes off for a weekend of self-care. To everyone’s displeasure, only 48 hours into the trip, someone turns up dead and suddenly everyone in Lee’s life is being questioned about their motives and the secrets they’re hiding.

Lady in the Lake by Laura Lippman

New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman returns with a gripping psychological thriller that follows a housewife turned investigative reporter this summer. When Cleo, a black woman, is killed and no one seems to know or care why, Maddie sets out to find the truth about this murder. On her quest for recognition, Maddie is blinded by her own ambition, putting those closest to her in danger. Told by a variety of narrators, Lady in the Lake is a thoughtful mystery set during the rise of feminism and racial tension.

The Whisper Man by Alex North

Fans of Stephen King will be delighted by this horrifying thriller from Alex North. When Tom and his young son Jake move to Featherbank for a fresh start, they discover the town was once plagued by a serial killer nicknamed “The Whisper Man,” who abducted and murdered five people before he was finally caught. But 20 years after the killer was locked up, another young boy goes missing, and the residents of Featherbank are terrified that The Whisper Man has an accomplice that is still on the loose. Will detectives Amanda Beck and Pete Willis be able to find the missing boy before it’s too late, or will someone else fall victim to this vicious killer?

On a Quiet Street by J.L. Doucette

 Utilizing her experience as a psychologist, author J.L. Doucette penned a compelling psychological thriller perfect for fans of Jonathan Kellerman’s work. Chilling secrets and ominous motives are exposed in On a Quiet Street when the murder of a prominent local woman sparks suspicions in a tight-knit town in Wyoming. As Dr. Pepper Hunt digs beneath the surface to find the murderer, she discovers a series of unsolved crimes directly related to the case.

Conviction by Denise Mina

 Fans of Killing Eve will love Conviction, a dark thriller about a woman who is forced to return to a secret life she tried to leave behind long ago. In need of a distraction after her husband’s painful announcement, Anna McDonald spends all her time listening to true crime podcasts. When Anna realizes she may know what happened to one of the victims on the podcast—one from her previous life—her world comes crashing down. Confronted by an unexpected visitor, Anna flees town in an attempt to save herself and discover the truth in this shocking and relevant new thriller.

A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell

This new suspenseful read from bestselling author Michele Campbell is sure to keep you on your toes. Caroline Stark’s picture-perfect life comes tumbling down when she discovers her husband is lying to her. Upset by her husband’s deception, Caroline gets romantically involved with local bartender Aidan, who takes their fling far more seriously than Caroline does. As Aidan’s obsession with Caroline grows and his tendencies become more destructive, Caroline fears for the safety of her family until someone winds up dead.





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