3 Things To Know When Changing Careers

“Accept the challenges so you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” – George S. Patton.

Starting a new job or changing careers is monumental. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


First Impressions

These are so important! We make snap judgments within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone. The night before the big day, try on your “first day of school” outfit. Practice your power pose and confidently saying your name. Jot down names of people as you meet them so a few days later you can refer to your notes. Smile. Be yourself. Take a deep breath (or three). Check out my previous post for more tips!

Head of the table

Multi-dimensional Preparation

Let’s start with your mind. Are there online training courses you can take to learn more about your new field? What about phoning a friend who shares your new industry to talk insights over coffee/tea? Maybe in between or after reading your latest book club book you can pick up some reads that are relevant to your new endeavor. Next, prep your body. Schedule your exercise and plan breakfast/snack/lunch. Also, gather a few framed photos of your tribe or your diploma to bring in a little “you” to the new space.



Whether you hit the ground sprinting or start out at a snail’s pace, remember to be patient. You are the expert in everything you have experienced in your career thus far. For example, planning a premier client event will feel natural for me because of my Sales and Catering background at The Drake Hotel. In addition, developing and implementing a marketing strategy is second nature to me due to my 7 years of Chicago marketing experience. Whatever it is that you have done thus far, it will serve you in your new role. Everything else? New. Absorb and be patient. Do the best you can, with what you know, and acquire new intel to better yourself as you go.

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