3 Tips For Decorating Your Cubicle Without Annoying Your Neighbors

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Regardless of what company you work for or what city you’re working in, if you’re spending eight or more hours a day sitting at your desk in a cubicle, you’re going to need to add something to your space that helps you retain your sanity. Unfortunately, a lot of women are guilty of taking this idea a little too far and becoming the cube mate from hell, with their too-bright colors and sparkly, spinning doo-dads. Luckily, you can have a cute and productive cubicle without having it look like a craft box exploded. To show you how, here are three tips for decorating your cubicle without annoying your neighbors.

Let There Be Light

Most cubicles are set under horrible fluorescent lights that not only sap the energy from you, but often don’t give you the lighting you need to work effectively. Knowing this, HomeEdit.com recommends bringing in a desk lamp to help brighten things up a bit. This softer light will be calming to your nerves and make it easier on your eyes throughout the day. And unless you decide to get a lamp that’s too bright or your cube mate happens to be a vampire, you shouldn’t hear any complaints from your co-workers about bringing in a simple yet beautiful desk lamp to use during the day.

Spruce Up Your Seat

In some offices, you’re more than welcome to bring in your own desk chair, which can serve as both a fashionable and functionable decor piece within your cubicle. However, some offices have strict rules about what type of furniture is allowed and what isn’t. If the second example sounds more like your office culture, Sarah Bray of HouseBeautiful.com suggests using textiles to help disguise the look and feel of your corporate chair. By getting a beautiful and comfortable throw, you can drape it over your chair and immediately feel more relaxed in your space. Also, if you’re having trouble with your chair’s back support, you could get a small throw pillow to place behind your back and ease your posture while simultaneously decorating your small space.

Get Some Greenery

Just like with light, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find someone who has a problem with bringing in some natural elements to your cubicle. Not only will greenery improve the air quality and atmosphere of your cube, but it will also make your space look much more sophisticated. However, to ensure you’re not irritating any sensitive neighbors, Jessica Probus, a contributor to BuzzFeed.com, recommends choosing succulents because they’re very easy to maintain in an office environment and they don’t contain pollen that may flare up your cube mate’s allergies.

If you’re looking for some subtle yet stylish ways to decorate your cubicle, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.