I Like That You’re Broke: 4 Cheap Date Night Ideas That Are Better Than A Fancy Restaurant

Date night

Are you on a tight budget but still looking to date or keep the romance alive in your relationship? If the answer is yes, or you like to save money, you may need some help with cheap date night ideas.

We’re going to explore some date night options that are not only fun but inexpensive and budget-friendly! Keep reading for more information!

1. Hit the Thrift Store

If you know your partner relatively well, take them to a local thrift store. Set a budget for each person–$20 should be more than enough.

Each partner must choose an outfit for the other to wear while out on the town thereafter. Yes, it can be hilarious for the person wearing their new threads and tempting to pick something ridiculous, but remember, you must be seen with them!

After choosing an outfit, hit up a bar for a happy hour drink or head to a shopping center to look around. Opting for an inexpensive or free activity after finding your outfits will allow you guys to laugh and bond over the silly choices and still keep your date cheap!

2. Search for Deals Online

Just because your goal is to save money on dates, it doesn’t mean your dates have to be any less extravagant than expensive ones.

Websites like Dealwiki.net offer coupons for various stores and activities. You will find the places that are offering sales and deals so that your formerly full-price date is well under budget!

While searching for your deals, you may also find sales on clothes, jewelry, and fragrance that can help you make the best impression.

3. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Pretend that your date is from out of town and you are showing them the best places to experience. This may include checking out art galleries, grabbing a scoop of ice cream from a historic shop, or walking around a cool neighborhood.

Many cities also offer free or low-cost festivals or activities during the weekend. For example, on any given weekend in Louisiana, there is a festival celebrating strawberries, pigs, or even rice.

Other cities and states may offer movie nights in the park or evenings that display local artists’ work (for free!)

4. Flea Market Shopping

Most flea markets occur on certain weekends of the month and can cost a few dollars to enter. However, once you’ve figured out when & where they happen and the cost, you can find some interesting and cheap buys.

There is something for everyone no matter their interest, and usually, the items are well-priced and vendors want to make deals. Don’t choose to buy something for the sticker price–always attempt to haggle!

Additionally, you will find snacks and other foods to eat at the venue or take home.

Cheap Date Night Ideas: Easier Than Expected

Just because you are looking for cheap date night ideas, it doesn’t mean you are cheap or even broken. It may mean that you are saving for a new house or a better car.

Whatever the case may be, a cheap date night can be as great as an expensive restaurant–and typically allows for better bonding and conversation.

If you have any favorite cheap dates that we missed, leave them in the comments!