4 Little-Thought-Of Techniques To Enhance Your Branding Presence

It’s very easy to think that branding is a simpler process that it actually is. Surely, paying a graphic designer and illustration firm to craft a logo, a set of social media banners and a worthwhile brand aesthetic is easy enough? Well, this may be true, but it’s also true that sometimes the format of the branding is as important as the branding itself.

In a world where marketing is easier than ever to implement, competition is more intensive than ever. This means refining your brand flavor means not only understanding those firms you’re actively trying to perform better than, but what the ever-changing and most present needs of your possible audience or client base would be.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss four little thought-of techniques to enhance your branding presence, as well as planning this in a way that doesn’t make you a victim of chasing ever-evolving trends.

The more you can think of your branding in this way, the more you see it as a dynamic presence as opposed to a static puzzle to figure out. Without further ado, let’s get started:

What Can You Add To An Event?

Many companies simply think that sponsoring an event is good enough – as surely if you place your brand on the uniform of an athlete, or have your name tied to the name of the event, that’s enough? Well, this can be so, and it’s a good investment, but what could you also provide to the event that can help you promote yourself further?

Might you be willing to give out branded tote bags for free at the convention centre so that all merchandise given by other companies is stored within something you own and carries your logo? Might it be that you help out with the prize rewards, or even implement your own construction expertise to the staging of the necessary talk? You might be very surprised as to how well a thorough investment can speak to your value as a firm. It showcases your worth to everyone in attendance, and from here your charitable contribution could be considered a direct marketing investment. Who knows what events you may be invited to next time.

Is Worth Of Mouth Marketing Entirely Organic?

It’s easy to think that word-of-mouth marketing needs to be entirely organic to work, but you’d be surprised just how much you can get the ball rolling. For instance, you may ask for your loyal customers to share your social media posts in return for a discount. Many clubs actually ask to log into your social media to share a post in order for free drinks; and while this is a crude measure to take, that kind of approach can be a low-impact, low-risk and worthwhile trade to take.

After all, it’s not a trade by which you’re generating false support or asking for positive reviews. You’re simply asking to spread the word, or to write a review no matter what they think. This way you still provide the freedom for real opinions, but you can spur people to start the conversation. 

Can Bad Reviews Work in Your Favor?

No matter how good you are as a firm, inevitably someone will think you performed poorly and complain about it; even if that’s not true. But the way you handle bad reviews and feedback can help showcase your willingness to make this approach work, no matter what.

For instance, a bad review may enable you to respond publicly with a careful apology, a willingness to offer a discount next time they come in, and a clear description of what you’ve changed to make the approach easier to deal with. In the long run, that makes a profound difference.

Pride As An Essential Branding Tool

It’s good to be proud of your brand, and to encourage people to follow your story or become part of it. We often see this with businesses that have history to speak of, like Whiskey brands that can boast about their longform success over the years and why that’s important to them; as well as how their production process has changed.

Sure, your firm might be newer, but could it be that integrating that pride can help you brand yourself and market yourself with more life? Think of how firms that sponsor athletic events get to be part of the local community, or those who help influencers can often get on the good side of their audience. Pride isn’t a bad thing provided it’s well-placed and tasteful. Digital signage around your building or at an event might be able to help you proudly showcase your name.

With this advice, you’re sure to improve your branding presence in the best possible light.

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