Books to take on Summer Vacation

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Let’s be honest, we could all use a vacation and summer is just around the corner. If you have a vacation (or staycation) coming up, us bookworms know that picking the perfect book(s) can be overwhelming. Well, here’s one thing you can check off your list, because these are the perfect books to take on summer vacation! 

Can’t Look Away by Carola Lovering 

In 2013, aspiring writer Molly Diamond quickly falls in love with Jake Danner, the lead singer of a band, only for Jake to write a song about Molly that makes his band famous. A decade later, Molly has given up her dream of being a writer and is living with her young daughter and husband. While Molly’s life seems perfect, she feels lonely. When Sabrina moves into town, Molly finally feels like she’s found a friend, although Sabrina has had her eyes set on Molly for a while. As a new version of Jake’s song hits the radio, Molly is forced to confront her past and question if you ever truly move on from your first love. 

Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner

In 1950, as the world starts to change, three women who work at the male dominated bookstore Bloomsbury Books have some ideas of their own. Vivien is a savvy and stylish woman with a bone to pick with Alec McDonough, Head of Fiction. Grace is a married mother of two who is supporting her family and chasing after her own dreams. Evie is one of the first female students at Cambridge allowed to earn a degree looking to rebuild her future. Even from different places in life, the three women find they all have one goal in common: a bright future bigger than they could ever dream.

Corinne by Rebecca Morrow 

Corinne Callahan has just been shunned from the church she was raised in and cut off from her entire family. Although she’s now building a new life for herself, she can never fully leave the life and love she left behind, especially Enoch Miller – the one person who will always remain under her skin. Now, Corinne is willing to risk it all for one man she thought she could never have in a story that spans over fifteen years.

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Things We Do in the Dark by Jennifer Hillier 

Paris Peralta has just been arrested for the murder of her famous and wealthy husband, found dead in the bathtub. Now Paris fears the media attention could draw someone out of the shadows from the past she’s been trying to keep a secret. Twenty-five years ago, Ruby Reyes was convicted of a similar murder that dubbed her the Ice Queen. Ruby knows who Paris really is and after being unexpectedly released from prison, Paris must not only try to prove her innocence, but confront her past before Ruby ruins everything. 

Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club by Roselle Lim

After spending three years in Shanghai, professional matchmaker, Sophie Go has just returned to Toronto after being exposed for not actually graduating matchmaking school. With a client list close to zero and no one wanting an unaccredited matchmaker, Sophie finds a club of seven Chinese bachelors living in her building called the Old Ducks. After the group of septuagenarian bachelors hire her, Sophie finds that the challenge might be bigger than what she had planned. 

The Marriage Box by Corie Adjmi

When sixteen-year-old Casey Cohen, a Middle Eastern Jew, finds herself hanging with the wrong crowd, her parents send her to the Orthodox Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn. In this community there is a Marriage Box, a pool deck specifically for girls to put themselves on display for potential husbands. At the Marriage Box, Casey meets Michael and her attitude about the Marriage Box changes and she finds herself married at eighteen. When Michael decides he wants Casey to have a baby instead of going to college, she finds herself at a crossroads on which path she wants to take.

books to take on summer vacation

Treehouse on Dog River Road by Catherine Drake 

Twenty-eight-year-old Hannah Spencer has just left Boston after being laid off from her job to head to Vermont for the summer to be with her sister and her niece and nephew. Upon arriving, she decides to build a treehouse for and during her work decides that she is going to make a fresh start with a new job out West. But living next door is Nathan Wild. He has just moved back to Vermont after living in cities for a decade. And he may just be able to throw Hannah’s plan off course.  

A Week of Warm Weather by Lee Bukowski

Tessa Cordelia has the perfect husband, child, house, and life. All of that is about to change when her husband makes a decision that brings Tessa’s dark past back to haunt her. Tessa finds herself at a crossroads between keeping her husbands secrets and exposing them as he tries to manipulate her into being silent. Although Tessa lies to everyone for the sake of her family, she does confide in a woman named CeCe. Their friendship is new, but Tessa is about to learn that CeCe has a secret of her own.

You’re Invited by Amanda Jayatissa

Although Amaya and Kaavi used to be best friends and haven’t spoken in years, Amaya is surprised to be invited to Kaavi’s wedding in Sri Lanka. When Amaya learns the groom is her ex-boyfriend, she decides that nothing will get in her way from stopping this wedding. When she arrives in Sri Lanka for the weeklong wedding celebration, rumors begin to spread about her past and Amaya is quick to believe she was invited to the wedding for a reason. Then Kaavi mysteriously disappears and is presumed dead, and Amaya finds herself as the number one suspect.

Acts of Violet by Margarita Montimore 

People have been mesmerized by magician Violet Volk since she was last seen vanishing mid-act a decade ago. Violet left behind a sister named Sasha who was more sensible and took over their mother’s salon and still can’t escape her sister’s memory or their tumultuous relationship. As the ten-year anniversary of Violet’s disappearance approaches, a podcaster named Cameron Frank has one goal: to find and interview Sasha. Meanwhile, Sasha’s daughter, Quinn, is also doing her own investigation. Now, Sasha is starting to experience episodes of sleepwalking and finds herself in the position where she needs to confront things about herself and Violet.

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