How a CDN Can Help Your Business

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In the early 2000s users had to wait 1, 2, or even 3 minutes for a site to load. The situation has drastically changed today. If the page takes longer than three seconds to load, half of the visitors go to another resource. With mobile apps, the story is similar. The slower the app, the more likely it is to end up in the trash. 

This is where cdn global comes into play. It increases the speed of loading site content and distributing content to mobile devices, when all other possibilities for acceleration – code optimization, third-party scripts and block elements – have already been exhausted.

How does a CDN work?

CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Networks. This is a geographically distributed network that splits the content delivery path into clusters with the inclusion of additional caching servers in the network. 

Servers are located in large cities in order to minimize the distance between the product and the client. Thus, in response to a user request, the content will be loaded not from the central (original) server, but from the closest caching one. So getting static content will take less time.

Altogether, CDN identifies user requests, determines their location, and delivers content from the nearest server. G-Core Labs provides six tariff plans available on the site with various options for the profitable usage of this technology.

How a CDN can help a business

Gaming, multimedia sites, online retailers, and media portals know that the speed of the resource directly affects the conversion and ranking in search engines and apply CDN.

The second important point is multiple redundancies, which ensure the availability of content even if the main server fails.

CDN removes some of the load from the central server, which is especially noticeable during peak demand. This is important both for retail. For example, during the sales season, and for state and municipal platforms during periods of increased user activity.

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