4 Tips For Healthier, Happier Eyes

Just like we make an effort to take care of our skin, we should also do the same when it comes to our eyes. For some reason, many of us make the mistake of thinking that our eyes don’t require daily care to stay healthy and happy, but that’s not the case. The truth is that your eyes need as much care as your skin does, if you want them to be healthy, that is. To help you ensure that your eyes are well taken care of, we have put together four useful eye care tips:


Treat your lashes gently


It’s probably never crossed your mind, but your lashes are incredibly delicate. Far too many of us scrub away our eye makeup with a second thought for our poor lashes. If you want to prevent your lashes from breaking, and make them as strong as possible, ensure that you are gentle when cleansing your eyes. The best way to cleanse is by gently wiping over each eye with a cotton pad and cleansing solution.

If you’ve noticed that your lashes don’t seem to grow, it could be down to how you look after them. The first thing that you can do is try moisturizing them with coconut oil; this helps to encourage growth. If natural remedies don’t work, it could be worth trying a prescription treatment. You can buy Latisse online, and use it to treat your lashes and help boost their growth.


Helps soothe puffy eyes

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Often, we overlook puffy eyes as simply being caused by tiredness, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes a buildup of fluid under the eye can be to blame, or countless other reasons. That’s why, it’s important to make time to soothe puffy eyes.

While there are plenty of soothing creams on the market, the truth is that the best cures are natural. That’s right, cool cucumber or tea bags are the best ways to reduce puffiness from around your eyes, and get rid of dark bags at the same time.


Always prime before makeup

Sometimes, makeup can dry our eyes out. The skin around our eyes is extra sensitive, so it’s important to protect your eyes with primer before applying makeup. By popping on a little primer – Benefit’s Air Patrol Primer is very good, you can protect your eyes, and also, keep your eye makeup in place for longer.

If you do find that your eyes are prone to drying out even with primer, it might be a good idea to invest in some shea butter. This natural balm has amazing hydrating properties, and because it’s all natural, can be used anywhere on the body. So is perfect for sensitive areas, like the eyes.


Use natural products

You may not realize it, but the majority of makeup products contain chemicals. While it might be more expensive and give you limited choice, if you want to keep your eyes healthy, it’s best to use natural products.

Before buying a product, always read up about it online. Look at what goes into it, whether it contains parabens, chemicals or SLS, and then decide whether it’s worth using.

Want healthier, happier eyes? Then, take note of the four tips above.


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