Read the Inspiring Story of Real Career Girl, Danielle Wilson, CEO of Aero Jet Medical & United Medivac Solutions

For many successful Career Girls, their path to success was not part of a long life plan crafted from childhood, but is instead one sparked by a moment that made a mark on them. This is the story for female CEO, Danielle Wilson, President and CEO of Aero Jet Medical and sister company United Medevac Solutions.  Her journey began with a life-changing experience, and now she has come full circle by saving and changing the lives of many people out there. 

It started with a harrowing experience in high school. Danielle witnessed a serious car accident where the driver was ejected from the vehicle. She saw the driver staggering down the street asking for help, which she tried to offer but did not know how to without any knowledge of health care. After this shaking and impactful experience, Danielle then made a decision to enroll in a nursing program, which led her to receive an emergency medicine internship at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

After months of intensive training, Danielle  was given the opportunity to ride along as an in-flight medical crew member with the EMS helicopter based at the hospital – Life Flight. The hard work and vigilance that the team had towards every emergency influenced her to work towards becoming a flight registered nurse. She proved her dedication to this dream and went above and beyond expectations when in 1994, she became the youngest flight registered nurse in the United States.

After years of service and achieving a management role in a regional air medical program, in 2005, Danielle learned that the government had a crucial need to outsource their MEDEVAC services to cover high-risk training on post, while their helicopter assets and efforts were needed for the war in Iraq. Feeling compelled to help, Danielle took it upon herself to support our military and launched United Medevac Solutions with close associate, Larry Case. Danielle effectively assembled the nation’s first privately contracted MEDEVAC service team for the Department of Defense.

Following a $2.5 million in revenue in our first year and sustained steady growth, United Medevac Solutions acquired its own aviation company and aircraft assets to add long-distance air ambulance transportation to their portfolio. Aero Jet Medical is an all-inclusive transportation provider handling mission-critical logistics, from initial insurance benefit evaluation and acquiring necessary pre-authorizations to managing the entire patient transfer process and organizing international customs requirements. No matter the travel destination, Aero Jet Medical’s fleet of ICU-equipped jet aircraft stand ready to bring patients safely home.

Danielle’s amazing story is an inspiring reminder that the things you put heart into will breed success in the future. A moment or vulnerability and tragedy changed her life because she chose for the experience to fuel a fire in her instead of letting it defeat her. With hard work and passion she accomplished one great feat after another and continues to do so to this day. Read more about this amazing Real Career Girl below! 




Do you have a personal mantra or motto you live by?

My favorite all-time motto is to “never set parameters in life … they are self-limiting.”


What particular advice would you give to someone who wants to start work in your field?

Do extensive research, establish a solid business plan and don’t let fear deter your actions.   Additionally, my best piece of advice to business owners in all industries is to retain a valued business attorney early. It is critical to set your corporate foundation and to safeguard your efforts. Business owners should seek counsel before legal disputes surface or when problems are expected. I always say, “If in doubt, it is always better to spend money upfront before placing your company at the mercy of the appellate system – Ask yourself, can I afford a $10,000 a day burn rate at trial?”


What is the biggest advice you can give to women who want to find balance in their work and personal life?

Stay organized and prioritize both your work and personal life to find a balance of both.  Learn to delegate and don’t try to do it all.

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