5 Creative New Ways to Change Up Your Self-Care Routines

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The past months have been more challenging than ever, with people having to rework their entire life and work schedules. Many professionals are putting in longer hours than ever, and as work and personal times start to blur, you’re probably feeling stressed and drained out. Coping with family and day-to-day chores does take a toll, and self-care invariably gets relegated to the backburner. Before that results in utter burnout, you might want to sneak away a few precious moments for the most important person in your life – You!

Adjusting your self-care routines does not mean taking a break or going on vacation. Simply making small changes in your everyday schedule can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Here’s how!

Revive Your Skin with Organic Products

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and that’s where the stress and exhaustion first start to show. If you’ve been noticing that your skin looks tired and pale, nourish it with organic products. For instance, try hemp skincare creams and masks made with extracts from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid, and other antioxidants, hemp oil effectively erases signs of stress like fine lines and wrinkles. With a CBD face mask, you may feel additional benefits of relaxation alongside the skin and general health perks. 

Choose a Workout Regimen

Possibly the most essential self-care routine you must adopt is exercising. Working out does wonders for your mental, psychological, and physical health. Choose an activity that you enjoy the most, like Yoga, running, dancing, aerobics, or just long walks. Even if you can’t take long breaks, short bursts of activity that raise your heart rate are enough. Invest in new workout tees and pants if you’ve been looking for the right motivation. The high you get from the rush of endorphins is an added benefit.

Cultivate a Healthy Attitude Toward Food

Food should nourish your body and keep up with its nutritional needs. Experts advise you to relax and develop a healthy attitude toward each meal. Take away the guilt and feelings of remorse each time a morsel enters your mouth. And stop obsessing over choosing only what is considered healthy food. Eat what you enjoy while switching out empty calories with tastier versions as a part of your new self-care routine. For instance, gradually phase out chips and fat-laden snacks and, instead, munch on your favorite fruits. Once you break the addiction to trans-fats, excessive salt, and sugar-laden food, eating healthy will become a habit. 

Steal Some Time Just For You

Keeping up with the needs of your loved ones is a good thing. But, you might also want to steal some me-time as a part of your new self-care routine. Add at least 10 minutes of alone time without any gadgets and devices. Just lie back with your eyes closed, empty your mind of all thoughts, and focus on breathing in and out. Listen to the sounds of the world like bird songs, the hum of the fridge and air conditioning, or the crunch of gravel under the tires of the neighbor’s car. Or, maybe even the laughter of kids playing across the street. Feel the sense of calm and peace. 

Cut Back on the Alcohol

After a long day on the job, a glass of wine or bottle of your favorite IPA might sound like heaven. But if you’re having a drink or two regularly, this act that feels like self care has downsides. Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend no more than seven drinks a week for women? That can add up quickly. Give your body a break from processing alcohol with a month off. Dry January is a continuing trend, but any month of the year works!

Get Enough Sleep

Life gives you just 24 hours in a day to complete everything on the to-do list for the day. When there’s too much going on, people steal from the one source of time that is readily available – sleep! Scrimping on this essential energizer takes away from your body’s ability to rebuild and regenerate. So, make sure to get a minimum of eight hours each night.

Try these 5 additions to your self-care routine and turn your life around–in a good way!

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