5 Hacks for Creating Your Dream Garden

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Does your garden look as gorgeous as the ones you see all over Pinterest? No? Well, in that case, you’re probably looking for some hacks to transform yours. The good news is that you don’t need to hire a landscaper to help give you the outdoor space you want. Instead, there are handful of things you can do in your backyard all on your own so that it looks good enough to rival any you see online! Here are a five ideas to get you started…

Get your soil ready

 It’s not the most glamorous job, that’s for sure, but looking after your soil is the only way you’re going to get a dream garden. Whether you choose to do something called ‘tilling’ or adding something called ‘mulch’, or simply just want to mow the lawn and add some fertilizer, giving your soil a little TLC will make your whole yard look nicer overall. You’ll find that better soil produces better flowers, trees and shrubs, as well as a much greener lawn. Here’s how to improve your soil if it’s something you want to learn more about.

yard flowers pixy

Choose beautiful new flowers

 Few dream gardens are devoid of flowers, so head to your local nursery to pick up some beautiful new blooms. It’s totally up to you to choose whatever you like (after all, it’s your dream garden), but make sure you ask the assistants to tell you about the kind of work required to tend to the plants, as well as the fertilizers, insecticides or natural-methods you can use to promote healthy growth.  Opt for a variety of colors, and be sure to plant your blooms at different heights to create a garden with plenty of depth and texture. Additionally, you can choose to buy flower bulbs online instead of planting flowers that are already in bloom.

Automate your gardening

There’s no shame in admitting that gardening takes more time and effort than you really want to give. So, why not make life easier on yourself by automating some of the tasks you need to do? You can calibrate a set of sprinklers so that you’re watering your lawn in exactly the right way or you could even build yourself (or have someone build you) a drip irrigation system. Pay for someone to mow your lawn if you know you’re not going to get out and do it often enough yourself, or buy a robotic mower if you don’t mind splashing the cash! Here are some other hi-tech ways to automate your gardening.

Got a pool? Pay attention to the edges

 If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your outdoor space, you’re already a long way towards having a dream garden. But, it won’t be quite right if you haven’t thought about the pavers around your pool. They should fit in well with the rest of your patio, look elegant and feel great underfoot. Invest a little money in some high quality interlocking paving stones for your pool deck – not only will it increase the market value of property, but the non-slip surface will make it much safer for you and your family to use your dream garden when you’re getting in and out of (and walking around) the pool.

pool pavers snip

Create a relaxing entertaining space

 Finally, does your dream garden look like somewhere you can entertain family and friends, host a party or curl up with a glass of wine on a sunny evening? If so, you’ll need to invest in some good patio furniture so that you can recline in comfort. Buy a good quality table and a set of patio chairs so you can enjoy dinner outside. If you have space, also create a separate area for reading a book or lounging in the sun… you’ll get far more use of your garden this way, and really enjoy every inch of it too!  If your dream garden still sounds like a fantasy, maybe you can start with a dream herb garden in your kitchen. It’s a lot easier, and still adds feng shui to your home!


Those are just five hacks for creating your dream garden. Here are a few more DIYs you can do in your garden if five just isn’t enough for you!