5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Just ‘Cos You’re Single

Life shouldn’t be any less fun, or exciting, or wonderful just because you’re single. Here are five things you shouldn’t miss out on just because you don’t have a partner.

Treating Yourself

When are single, if you are keen to find a partner, you may spend far too much time thinking about them. Whoever they are, that is! You might not even have met them yet, and you’re already doing things for their benefit. Stop this in its tracks and do things for your own benefit. Give yourself some love, and treat yourself. You deserve it, and you shouldn’t need a man or a woman to remind you of this. So, if you love having your nails done, book that manicure! Think cosmetic surgery will boost your own personal confidence and happiness? Then go for an initial consultation, and consider your options.



Just because you don’t have a partner to chatter away too, doesn’t mean you can’t do your chattering elsewhere. If you’re a tad lonely, a partner is not the only place you can find this company. Stop texting your best friend and give her a call instead! Actually having a chat with someone is far more fulfilling that typing out words to each other on a screen. Or go one better, and meet up. Actively arrange to see you friends, family and loved ones in person. If you’d like some new friends, be proactive. Join a local society or club and meet people who like the same stuff as you. If you need help with something, log online and find a forum.



Of course, there are many warnings out there about traveling alone. These warnings become even more pertinent if you are a woman traveling alone. While you should heed the warnings, be sure to weed out the horror stories that aren’t based on any facts. People love to dramatize things, and the media can often make things even worse. Don’t base your decision to travel alone to a place on what Sandra in HR says. Don’t base it on the latest horror story in the media. Don’t be put off by one bad or unfortunate incident; you’d never leave the house if you did that! Base it on facts and figures. Bad things happen everywhere, but there are some places that are very safe for female travelers on their own. A lot of being safe is about logic, and instinct, so listen to yours! Just because you are single does not mean that you must wait around for a partner before you can see the world. Be safe, be cautious and be prepared, but get out there. The world is waiting for you, and that waterfall, forest or mountain doesn’t care if you turn up without a partner.

you're single

Dining Out

It is time for you to shake off the stigma that you can only dine out if you are with someone! Travel to European cities like Italy and Spain and you’ll find dozens of women in each cafe, enjoying a cappuccino and a book alone. They don’t look lonely and sad, do they? They look independent and brilliant! If you dine out alone, you look the same. Being single shouldn’t stop you from dining out whenever and wherever you fancy. If a new Thai restaurant has opened up that you’re desperate to try, go alone! If you are working from home and fancy some lunch, take your laptop along to your local cafe.

you're single.

Being A Mom

Sometimes, we are ready to have a baby, but we haven’t found a partner we want to have that baby with. If this has happened to you, take back control. You don’t have to have a partner in order to have a baby. You shouldn’t have to miss out on the privileges and joy of motherhood just because of your relationship status. Adopting is a great option available to you, and there are so many children that need a loving home. If you are a single woman looking to adopt, good for you! It is a brave decision to take, and sadly, not one that everyone will fully support. However, if you feel like you can provide that child with everything he or she will needs, that is what is important. Being prepared for this negativity (sometimes dressed up as kindly concern!) will stand you in good stead. If you feel like you have to defend yourself, go for it. But don’t allow yourself to get wrapped up in arguing with someone who is never going to listen to what you are saying.

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