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Travellers Guide To Montreal: JustFly’s Top Three Neighbourhoods

 The city of Montreal, Quebec may not be as large as New York City or Toronto, but as one of North America’s oldest and most culturally diverse cities it has a lot to offer to potential travelers looking for a European experience without the costly overseas flights. One thing about Montreal that attracts many people is the fact that, while it is a city, Montreal tends to feel like a collaboration of small, unique towns that are very diverse on a cultural and architectural level. In order to learn more about these neighbourhoods I spoke with the online travel agency JustFly. They were able to provide me with their top three boroughs in the city.

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 The Plateau

 The hippest neighbourhood in Montreal according to JustFly’s review, The Plateau is a neighbourhood that is a maze of small parks, thrift shops, cafes, and some of the best restaurants in the city. Sitting just North of Montreal’s downtown core, the area is best travelled using either Saint Laurent or Saint Denis streets. These parallel streets are interlocked with small alleys, pedestrian and bike throughways, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered by curious travelers.

 Saint Henri

 A recently revitalized area of the city, Saint Henri is situated right along the Lachine Canal. Loaded with bike paths, walkways, and lookouts, the canal is an awesome place to spend a day exploring the outdoors. If shopping and eating are more your thing, you can do no worse than checking out the Atwater Market. Surrounded by unique vendors, the market has something for everyone and allows you to stock up on fresh and local food. If you prefer your food in a restaurant, Saint Henri has a myriad of new spots popping up all the time in addition to local staples like Löic, Smoking Valley, Ludger, and Satay Brothers.

 The Old Port

 Montreal’s historic district, JustFly says it is more than just old buildings and cobblestone streets. Located on the waterfront of the Saint Lawrence River, The Old Port features great restaurants and bars along with neat shops for both the tourist and fashion lover alike. Some extra things to see include the ever changing rotation of food trucks, skating rinks in the Winter months, and the Montreal Science Centre. This centre includes a giant IMAX theatre and rotating exhibits that range from science fiction to science fact.


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