Pregnancy Fears you Need to Eradicate for A Smooth Labour

It is absolutely natural to feel worried throughout your pregnancy time. However, with the real facts, doctors state that it is not as scary as you think. Fret not! This article helps you uncover untold truths to help you to have a huge sigh of relief. In fact, only 20 percent of pregnancies can end up with miscarriage and the most of them happens during within a few weeks of pregnancies. Let us present you more facts that will definitely help you to smoothen your labour.


Handling Pregnancy Fears

Stress Level

Nowadays, most of women make themselves worried thinking whether they are doing right things for their pregnancy. Taking prenatal vitamins, eating and being healthy are important aspects of pregnancy however getting deep into additional rules and guidelines are literally “No Need” issues for you. You do not have to be extra cautious as they simply make you stressed and in fact stress is the one that you and your child do not need during your hard times. Stress is the strongest reason and risk that may cause premature birth.

Fear of Birth Defects

The percentage rate that your baby may have a birth defect is equivalent to only 4 percent. That includes serious injuries that happened during pregnancy and severe genetic illnesses as well. However, small and insignificant abnormalities such as a tiny heart defect or something related to a toenail will go away really soon after birth and they will not and cannot cause any health.

Shape after Pregnancy

No doubt that most of women worry a lot about getting their pre-baby body back after giving a birth. Surely, you need to try and keep up staying within the weight guidelines during your pregnancy period as it will take considerable time to get back to your pre baby shape if you gained more than recommended. However, there is a very positive point out of it. Breastfeeding will rev up your metabolism by hundreds of calories daily and this process will help moms to slim down in a natural way.


Blood Pressure

The percentage rate that you can develop a severe high blood pressure (Preeclampsia) during your pregnancy is only between from 5 to 8 percent. Medical facts suggest that Preeclampsia is common in pregnant women who are under the age of 18 and/or over 35. Regular Prenatal checkups will help your doctor to monitor Preeclampsia related symptoms and catch those evolving conditions in the early stages.

pregnancy fears

Doctors suggest that it is practically impossible to hurt your child by being bumped as there is a huge amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus that protects your baby. Do not think that the pregnant woman can soothe the nerves by drinking 2 pills, these drugs require long-term and systematic application. Excellent methods that help to cope with excited nerves during pregnancy are: drawing, gymnastics, yoga, as well as buying cute gifts for your future child. It is normal to feel worried, so take time to unwind. Get some blooms from your favourite florist or a cool walk by the coast in the evening.