5 Tips For New Moms

Navigating the early stages of motherhood is not a small step. With its vast ups and downs, it is easy to feel alone, and intimidated, by what’s coming your way. While it is important to learn as you go, listen to your instincts and let go of needing to know everything, it can be helpful to learn from other moms, too.

So if you are a new mom, feeling a little lost, or want a little support, here is some of the best advice around for new moms. 

Let go of expectations

With social media, it is easy to see the highlights of other people’s lives and feel like you should be doing more, or different. The most important thing you can do is let go of expectations and stop comparing your life with others, and do what feels right for you. Being intune with yourself, and present with your newborn, is going to be what you both need the most. 

Your body is beautiful

Birthing a newborn is a miracle, and what your body goes through is incredible. Your body will inevitably change after having children, and that’s okay. It is your body, and entirely your own choice as to whether you embrace it, or opt for a new spa membership or even mommy makeover surgery

Trust yourself 

Everyone will make different choices when it comes to their children, and all families will need different things. You are the closest thing to your newborn, so you must have faith and trust in yourself and your decisions. Many people will offer advice, and although they are only trying to help, not all of it will be relevant to you. You are the only expert on your baby, so you will be able to sense what is going on and what they may need. 

Look after yourself 

Make sure you stay nourished, get as much sleep (as you possibly can with a newborn!), and seek support. Looking after yourself means you are more mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger to support your newborn and spend time with them. Eat food that is full of nutrients and vitamins and surround yourself with a support system where you can seek conversations and advice where needed. As they say, you must put your own oxygen mask on first. 

Take things at your own pace 

Whether it is going out to social events, exercising, or going back to work, make sure you listen to your own body and experiences and take things at your own pace. Everyone’s journey is different, and you may want to start working on things earlier, or perhaps later than you see someone else doing. What you do and when you do it is entirely your own choice. Avoid comparing yourself to other new moms, and seek any advice or support from a professional if you feel you need it. 

Being a new mom is no easy or smooth ride. Make sure you let go of pressure and expectations, and instead look after yourself and take things at your own pace. Most importantly, be there for your new baby and enjoy them small!