Office to Club: Four day dresses for easy transitions

Night Out day dresses

We’ve all been there – getting ready for work knowing you’re going to have to sneak to the bathroom and change into something more danceable. It’s the last thing any woman wants to do after a long day working. Thankfully, there are tons of chic day dresses out there that are perfect for both the office and the club. Here are a few of our personal favourites for those transitional days.

Maxi dresses

A classic style that never seems to get old, maxi dresses should be a mainstay in every fashionista’s wardrobe. While maxi dresses may be more suited to summer, those warmer spring and autumn days are perfect for a comfy maxi dress fit. They’re also fantastic for both the office and the club. We recommend going for a chic crochet look, which is the ideal smart/casual look that will allow you to both dance and work all day long. If the sun is really shining, going for some bright colours will lift the working day, as well as being suitable for those after-work drinks in a beer garden. All in all – there’s no going wrong with a maxi dress design. 

Puff sleeve dresses

Balancing the formal and casual look is one of the big struggles for any fashion-conscious woman, but the work to night transition might be one of the toughest. In our eyes, puff sleeve dresses are the perfect solution. Puff sleeve dresses can give you a gorgeous blend of contemporary charm and a sophisticated vibe that not many dresses can supply you with. The best part is that they are ideal for both day and night occasions. Puff sleeves always look great in eye-popping colours such as yellow or red. However, if you want to go for a white or black, you can easily aid your transition by using some chic accessories, such as a hat or shoes.

Bright white dresses

You can’t go wrong with white. A standout tone that can be matched up with a wide variety of clothes and accessories, a bright or dark white could be your saviour when it comes to finding the right day to night dress. If you’re not sure about wearing a single look all day and night, a white dress can give you the chance to change things up with a click of the fingers. Why not bring a colourful coat or jacket into work and whip it on when you’re about to hit the town. Alternatively, bringing a change of shoes could totally shake up your look after work. If you’re in the mood for a leather jacket, a white mini dress will be a perfect choice.

Flower patterns

Another summer choice for your wardrobe (which isn’t necessarily reserved for the summer months) is floral designs. Whether you’re heading to the garden for a sunny picnic after work or spending the evening down by the pub, floral dresses add some much-needed character to the workplace and your night-out. Luckily, there is a huge variety of floral patterned dresses out there, from midi to maxi dresses and abstract to detailed patterns. It’s all about your tastes, but flowery dresses always go down well both at or after work.

Ultimately, finding the perfect work to night dress might require a little patience, but the rewards are huge. We suggest having a look around Chi Chi Clothing’s day dress designs – perfect for both work and the evening after.