5 Women Who Have Changed the Course of History

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Every March, we take the time to reflect on our sisters who have fought hard for women’s rights over the last few decades. Their courage, bravery, and dedication have allowed us to have some of the freedoms we enjoy today. To celebrate Women’s Month, let’s take a look at five inspiring women who helped to shape history with their work towards equality.

Gloria Steinem (1934 – Present)

Gloria Steinem is one of the most recognizable figures from the second-wave feminist movement in the United States. She was a vocal activist for women’s rights during this time, speaking up about issues such as gender discrimination, reproductive rights, and economic inequality. Her influence has been felt throughout her career and continues to be felt today as she is still fighting for equal rights for all people. She also founded Ms. Magazine in 1972 which helped bring attention to many important feminist issues that were not being discussed in mainstream media at that time.

Shirley Chisholm (1924 – 2005)

Shirley Chisholm was an American politician and civil rights activist who became the first African-American woman elected to Congress in 1968. During her time in office, she advocated for various progressive causes including civil rights legislation and support for education reform. She was also a strong advocate for women’s rights and pushed for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1973. She was an inspiration to many during her lifetime and continues to be an inspiration through her legacy of activism and service.

Rigoberta Menchú Tum (1959 – Present)

Rigoberta Menchú Tum is a Guatemalan human rights activist who has worked tirelessly since 1982 to bring worldwide attention to the plight of Indigenous peoples around the world, particularly those living in Guatemala under oppressive military regimes. In 1992 she became the first Indigenous person ever awarded a Nobel Peace Prize due to her work advocating for human rights and calling attention to poverty faced by Indigenous people living in Central America. Her efforts have had a profound impact on Indigenous communities around the world as well as raised awareness about injustices faced by these communities globally.

Betty Friedan (1921 – 2006)

Betty Friedan was an American author and feminist who wrote groundbreaking books such as The Feminine Mystique which explored how society expected women to conform to certain roles based on their gender rather than following their own ambitions or desires outside of traditional gender roles. This book helped launch a new wave of feminism that focused on challenging gender expectations while advocating for workplace equity between men and women as well as greater freedom when it comes to sexual expression among women. Her legacy lives on through her writing which has inspired countless other feminists around the globe over generations since she wrote them originally back in 1963.

Audre Lorde (1934 – 1992)

Audre Lorde was an American poet, writer, activist, and librarian whose work focused largely on intersectional feminism–the idea that different forms of oppression like racism or sexism intersect with one another creating unique challenges faced by individuals with multiple marginalized identities–and its importance when it comes to recognizing all forms of oppression experienced by marginalized groups throughout society today . Her writings continue be celebrated by feminists everywhere because they are deeply personal yet accessible enough that anyone can relate them no matter where they come from or what kind of life experience they may have had up until reading Lorde’s words .

As we celebrate Women’s Month this year, let us remember these amazing women who shaped history with their fight for equal rights—for themselves, but more importantly for all people regardless of race or gender identity—and look forward with hope towards what progress can still be made going forward! Let your voice be heard this month! There is still much work left undone—so let’s get out there make change happen! Happy Women’s Month 2023!


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