6 The Best Proven Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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Stress has become an everyday part of life. Whether you have a busy job, you’re a mom or you have parents depending on you for assistance, the responsibilities will pile up. Eventually, you’ll need to discover an outlet in order to stay sane and healthy.  Stress and anxiety relief is possible in various simple ways, especially if you build a personalized routine. Soothing yourself depends on the sources of stress, your favorite activities and the amount of time you can dedicate to unwinding.

If you’re looking for ideas to manage your stress and anxiety, here are some proven strategies that are bound to help you decompress.


Even if you can dedicate just 15 minutes per day to exercise, you should definitely do it.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, physical activity is one of the most effective options for stress relief.

Regular involvement in aerobic exercise boosts overall cognitive function, decreases tension and improves the mood. You can have a quick walk in the park, a yoga session or a bike ride. All of these will give you the same results as working out in the gym.


While meditation and visualization may seem weird if you’ve never tried them before, these are simple and great stress relief options. There are two added benefits – you can meditate anywhere and the activity doesn’t cost you anything.

There are many different ways to meditate and to practice mindfulness. If you’re interested, you can even join a class to understand the philosophy behind meditation and to start your practice.

Various clinical studies show that mindfulness-based stress reduction can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and also help people decompress. Thus, meditation isn’t just great for those who feel stressed out once in a while, it’s also a wonderful option for individuals who may be battling a mental health problem like generalized anxiety disorder.


Nature has given us just about everything required to be healthy and happy.

Various supplements can be used in your anti-stress routine to decompress and experience calmness in the end of a busy day.

Panax ginseng is one example of a natural product that has stress relief properties. Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic staple that has energizing effects and adaptogenic benefits. Taking CBD for stress is a third natural supplementation possibility to explore. CBD oil has long been recognized for its calming, anti-stress effects. Unlike THC, however, CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Other supplements that may potentially bring on stress relief include Omega-3, lemon balm, kava kava and valerian.

Learn to Control Your Stressors

While stress is often inevitable in everyday life, conscious choices can help you reduce your burden and control fatigue.

Are you comfortable with saying no when you’re feeling too burdened? Do you know how to prioritize and delegate tasks when it all gets too much?

As an active, independent woman, you probably often take on a lot more than what you could handle without exhausting yourself. It may be time to set your priorities straight and put self-care on top of the list.

Saying no when you’re at your wit’s end isn’t rude, it’s a form of self-preservation.

Eventually, people will start respecting your time and your boundaries a lot more. At the time being, however, enforcement is entirely in your hands.

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

Whether it’s a child, a boyfriend, a life partner or your most favorite auntie, the love of a dear person can provide wonderful stress relief benefits.

Research shows that hugs are wonderful stress relievers. Loving physical touch helps for the release of oxytocin and this hormone has been linked to higher levels of happiness. It brings down blood pressure, reduces stress and produces a feeling of bliss and peacefulness.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug when you’re feeling down or you are completely exhausted. Loving touch can also come in the form of a gentle massage that will have equally powerful benefits.

Find an Artistic Outlet

If you don’t have a hobby yet, the time may be right to take up a new one. Those who had a passion for art in their childhood years should definitely reignite the spark into adulthood.

A creative outlet is a great anti-stressor. Various studies show that coloring or creating something with your hands gets you into a meditative state. You can paint, create a sculpture, do pottery, image collages, knit or sew. It’s really up to you to decide what activity you’re going to take up.

When you make these routines and practices a part of your everyday existence, you ensure long-term and consistent stress relief. Even if you’re really busy, take a bit of time for yourself. You’ll feel a lot happier and much more energized, which will ensure the strength and stamina required to outperform yourself.

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