13 Common Remote Job Titles Without Location Requirements

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A wide range of work from anywhere positions are available to those seeking a portable career.  As job seekers enter a promising job market and a historically strong hiring season, it is a prime time for many to start or expand their efforts to find remote work. However, it is a misconception that all remote jobs can be done from any location. In fact, approximately 95% of remote jobs require workers to be based in a certain geographic location, such as a specific city, state, region or country.

To help job seekers interested in finding remote jobs that can truly be performed from anywhere, FlexJobs has identified 13 common remote job titles that typically do not include a location requirement. 

Work From Anywhere – Literally

“There is a great marketplace of work-from-anywhere jobs that provide tremendous latitude for people looking to work untethered from geographic requirements,“ said Sara Sutton, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply someone seeking to cut your ties to a traditional location-bound job, there are a wealth of employers unconcerned with workers’ locations, and more concerned that they’re producing high-quality work,” Sutton concluded.

Here are seven of the most common reasons that remote jobs have location requirements:

  • Employment and tax law: employment and tax law requirements pertaining to the state or country in which the company operates

  • Certifications: the employer or job requires certifications that are location-specific

  • Time zone: the company might want the employee to live in a certain time zone

  • Meetings: to be close in proximity to company offices for in-person meetings

  • Clients: to be close to clients, especially in the case of sales and project management jobs

  • Office work: the company requires employees to work from the office part-time or occasionally

  • Travel: the job is travel-heavy and the employer wants the employee to be close to travel destinations main transport hubs


The 13 job titles below are commonly found in the FlexJobs database of work from anywhere jobs–those remote jobs which provide tremendous latitude for people looking to work untethered from geographic requirements.

Business Development Manager

Average salary via PayScale: $71,968

Business development managers create business plans, drive new customers and business, manage client accounts, increase brand loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction. Strong relational skills are needed for this role.


Average salary via PayScale: $50,570

Copywriters write persuasive copy to draw in an audience and convince them to purchase or use a product or service. Copywriters need to be able to write clear and concise copy, and many jobs require editing skills.

Curriculum Designer

Average salary via PayScale: $61,389

Curriculum or instructional designers write and create academic training and course materials. Duties can include updating and writing syllabi, creating online course content, and using feedback to update course materials.

Customer Support Specialist

Average salary via PayScale: $41,382

Customer service specialists often deal with customers and clients via phone, email, chat, and social media. They answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and may sell products or services.

Front-End Developer

Average salary via PayScale: $71,145

Front-end developers code the front end of a website by converting design files into HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. The online nature of this role makes it one of the best remote jobs to do from anywhere.

Marketing Manager

Average salary via PayScale: $64,500

Marketing managers typically create advertising and marketing campaigns to sell products and services. Writing, social media, and SEO skills are often needed for this role.

Social Media Marketing

Online ESL Teacher

Average salary via PayScale: $43,878

ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers teach English to non-native students. Virtual teachers may meet one-on-one or in a group setting. Grading student work and creating curriculum may be part of the job.

Product Manager

Average salary via PayScale: $82,916

Product managers oversee the production of a product. They help to meet goals, guide a team, manage expenses, oversee budgets, and more.


Average salary via PayScale: $49,544

Recruiters work to find candidates for open roles. They may write and post descriptions, reach out to qualified candidates, perform interviews, do background checks, and onboard new employees.

Social Media Manager

Average salary via PayScale: $49,881

Social media managers manage social media pages and profiles. Drafting posts, interacting with followers, and tracking metrics and engagement are a few tasks of a social media manager.


Average salary via PayScale: $47,974

Remote translators work to translate the written word from one language to another. Translators may work to translate books, articles, scripts, captions, and more. Fluency and expertise in another language is required.

Virtual Assistant

Average salary via PayScale: $39,617

Virtual assistants can set up meetings and appointments, oversee calendar management, take meeting notes, organize digital files, respond to emails, and more.

Web Designer

Average salary via PayScale: $49,649

Developing, creating, and coding web pages and apps are the main tasks of a web designer. Web designers typically need to know one or more coding languages and have some graphic design skills.

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