6 Ways to Resize Your Wedding Ring

buying an engagement ring

Wedding rings or engagement rings are not just that ordinary. They represent a symbolic meaning as they are commitment bands between couples. Significant others worldwide invest time, energy, and love to pick up the perfect ring that acknowledges a promise for a lifetime. They are emotionally connected to it as a ring is a physical representation of their everlasting affection. 

But at times, there might be chances that the ring size you picked was not calculated appropriately. And it might not fit your significant other. Don’t worry, there are many ways through which you can achieve ring resizing

We have charted out 6 different ways in which you can resize the ring according to the finger measurement of your loved ones. Some of them are listed below.

Increasing the Size

The first thing you need to know is that if your ring is small for your finger, it needs to size up. 

Rush to your nearest jeweler and ask him to enlarge the size of the ring. Firstly, the jeweler would heat the ring to stretch the metal or, in some cases, additional metal to increase its size. 

However, there are chances that by doing so, the ring can get weak. The most recommended method for sizing up is cutting the strand, heating the metal, and adding additional metal to bridge the gap between the two ends. This will increase the ring size, which can then be polished and cleaned.

Decreasing the Size 

Suppose you think that the ring you picked is too large for the finger of your significant other, and they might lose it quickly. Or it might slip off from the finger, and then you need to decrease the size of the ring. 

In that case, you need to go to the jeweler again, and he will heat up the ring and cut a small piece of metal out of it. Once done, he will put both ends together into a perfect shape. 

The scraped metal can then be polished and made clean. Usually, rings that have a straightforward design are pretty easy to resize. However, resizing rings with unique cutouts, gemstones, and pearls requires time and effort.

Sizing Beads

Sometimes, your jeweler uses sizing beads to resize your ring. In that case, he will simply use small metal balls and stick them to the inside of your ring. It will decrease your ring by one-half size, and your ring will stay upright on your spouse’s finger. 

This is not a very common method for resizing the ring, as many customers feel uncomfortable and prefer the cutout method for decreasing the size of the ring.

Spring Insertion

Another method commonly used for decreasing the ring size is spring insertion. Jewelers usually use that to make the ring smaller, at least up to one full ring size. 

They usually insert a strip of metals at the inside of the ring band. This resembles more like a horseshoe. 

Once inserted, the spring will pass through the knuckles and fit perfectly at the finger’s base. It is a pocket-friendly choice for many customers. Moreover, they find it to be a convenient and comfortable method.

Use of a Sizing Bar

When you feel that every time you have to press push your ring through your finger, especially when it passes through your knuckles, then a fold-over device is usually recommended for the customers. 

A jeweler usually inserts it at the very bottom of the ring, and whenever you want to wear the ring, all you need to do is open one end of the bar, put it on, and close it. Holding it in place will allow the ring to have more grip on the finger. 

This is a very comfortable method, but it is recommended that before you do it, you need to try out a sample ring for it.

Plastic Guards

Another cheap and quick way to resize your wedding rings is by using a plastic guard. These are ring adjusters made up of silicon. 

You can DIY your rings by using them. They usually come as wedges or adjustable sleeves between your ring and the fingers. They have a patented bridge that helps to hold the ring in place. They usually have a standard size that fits all rings; they are disposable and easy to apply; they are latex-free. 

Most plastic guards are made with the help of thermoplastic which is soft and easily moldable. Its non-skid surface prevents the ring from sliding off or spinning on the finger.

Suggestions and advice:

It is noteworthy that every time you get your ring resized, it will stretch and weaken the quality of the metal used. This will increase the chances of damage to the ring, which might break up. 

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid multiple resizing of the ring. Whenever you do, be smart about it and make sure you choose a trusted jeweler who guarantees that the type of method he will employ for resizing your ring is worth it.