Why Psarou Beach is a Must-Visit for ANY Mykonos Holiday Package! 

Psarou Beach

Almost every single holidaymaker on this planet has heard of the unbeatable Mykonos allure that comes tightly wrapped with romantic sunsets, charming whitewashed architecture, fine gastronomy, a top-tier shopping scene, a vibrant nightlife, utterly luxurious accommodation, and an idyllic coastline featuring sugary shores, cobalt waters, and animated beach clubs throwing night-long parties till the morning hours. 

Amidst all this undeniable pull and magnetism, a particular shore stands out, justifying its reputation as one of the most celeb-beloved seaside spots for exquisite beach experiences – Psarou Beach! What has put Psarou on the map as a dreamy Mykonos destination? Among others, the…

Endless opportunities for utmost pampering & spoiling oneself

Besides the infamous Nammos restaurant that transforms the place into a vivid party mecca after sunset, with themed parties and events that include ample flow of champagne and fireworks displays, Psarou entices with world-class beach facilities and services that provide sunbathers with unprecedented levels of luxury and pampering. So, expect anything from private massage sessions and workout classes right on the beach to superb diving ventures and water sports. 

So, you may simply choose to lay on your comfy sunbed and soak up some warm rays with heart-stopping views of the shimmering Aegean Sea, chill-out music in the background, and a refreshing cocktail in hand. Or dip your toes in the transparent, azure waters and explore the aquatic cosmos lying below the water. As for adrenaline fans, windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, and other similar activities are definitely fun options to consider. And, this is just a small list with the beach-related things you can do at Psarou! 

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Proximity to Mykonos major attractions 

Psarou Beach is close to all the key locations and local landmarks worth visiting, such as the Mykonos Windmills and the island’s playful capital (and its specific attractions, such as Little Venice region with the romantic sunset views). Plus, Psarou with only a few kilometres from the airport and the Mykonos port, as well as other popular shores, including its famous cousins, Super Paradise and Paradise beaches, which have put Mykonos in the hearts of the most elite of this world as the go-to party hubs in the entire Mediterranean. 

Superior accommodation options

At Psarou Beach, one will find amazing, superbly elegant, and exclusive private villas and 5-star hotels that pamper guests with the most impressive range of services and facilities, such as Kivotos Mykonos Luxury Hotel, which even provides private dining onboard a luxury, hotel-owned schooner! Although not located in the Psarou region, it is just around the corner, at picturesque Ornos Bay. However, there are many other high-end resorts and mansions in the surrounding area to choose from, if you don’t want to make the short drive from Ornos to Psarou beach! 

Excellent dining & nightlife 

If you love seafood and fresh fish dishes, then Psarou Beach is your place. Lined with traditional Greek tavernas, it gives you the chance to dive into authentic Greek tastes and please your palate with the most delicious Mykonos flavours. Besides family-run tavernas, though, Psarou is also home to fine dining facilities that epitomise fusion cuisine, giving diners a truly memorable culinary experience. It’s up to you! 

As for your evening adventures, rest assured that Psarou Beach won’t disappoint you, whether you are into some laid-back time with a glass of chilled champagne and fantastic seascapes or a wild party that won’t put a full stop in your nightly ventures before sunrise! 

Clearly, Psarou Beach is a dreamy Mykonos spot that highlights every aspect of the infamous Queen of the Cyclades painting your endeavours with the most colourful shades.