7 Books That Celebrate the Successes of Women

successes of women

It’s no secret that women do remarkable things every day. Whether it’s building a thriving career, inspiring others or overcoming a tumultuous incident, the power of women is alive and well. As you celebrate the season this year, remember to celebrate the successes of women who set positive role models for all of us?

In celebration of amazing women, we’ve highlighted these seven books that will uplift and inspire you to go after the life you truly want.  Perfect gift ideas for all the women on your gift list!

Make Your Moment: The Savvy Woman’s Communication Playbook for Getting the Success You Want

by Dion Lim

ABC News anchor Dion Lim had to fight for her spot in the male-dominated world of TV news. As an Asian-American woman, Dion had to fight harder than most and employed her best communication techniques to solidify her place in the industry. In Make Your Moment, Lim clues other women into the practices that put you in control of your career and life. With personal anecdotes and plenty of useful advice, this new book sets women on a pathway to success in the business world.

Moving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America

by Karine Jean-Pierre

Stories about young political activists are abundant but Karine Jean-Pierre’s story is different from the rest. In Moving Forward, she inspires readers to make a real impact in their communities. Unsatisfied with the idea that politics is a closed system, Karine found her own path to success within the world of politics. Sharing her story of how she got involved and how others can too, she calls upon political-minded individuals to stand up and act on the issues they find most important.

Just A Girl: Growing Up Female and Ambitious

by Lucinda Jackson

Lucinda Jackson always dreamed of making a name for herself in the male-dominated science world. But breaking into a prosperous career in the 1950s proved to be harder than she expected—a trend that would continue through the early 2000s as well. While she faced plenty of trying times, she learned to believe in herself and become the successful role model other aspiring female scientists need. In Just A Girl Jackson tells her own story and points out the issues women have faced over the last seven decades in the science community.

Small Doses

by Amanda Seales

Paving her own way to success, actress, comedian and writer Amanda Seales knows what it’s like to go after your dreams. In her debut book Small Doses, Seales shares stories of her own experiences, essays on our current culture and other axioms to bring forward a vision of what the modern woman looks like and how they can achieve their goals. Told with humor and plenty of honesty, this self-help book from Amanda Seales celebrates both the big and small achievements of women.

Headstrong: Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury

by JoAnne Silver Jones

When JoAnne Silver Jones was attacked by a stranger with a hammer, she walked away with a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), fractured hands and PTSD. After the incident, Jones had no choice but to learn how to live life with TBI and the everyday challenges it brings with it. Telling her story, she details her recovery, the violence in our world and the support system that got her through the darkest time in her life.

Uncanny Valley: A Memoir

by Anna Wiener

When the tech industry took off, Anna Wiener left her publishing job in New York to move to San Francisco and begin a new career at a big-data startup. Suddenly Wiener was thrown into a crazy industry of extravagance, success and entrepreneurs on a mission to take over the world. Wiener gives readers an inside look into the first few years of the expansive startup culture in Silicon Valley and how she found a way to succeed amidst the chaos.

Conversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty, and Law

by Jeffrey Rosen

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a force to be reckoned with and inspiration to women everywhere. In Conversations with RBG, author and president of the National Constitution Center, Jeffrey Rosen, sits down with the legendary Justice Ginsburg to gain insight into her life, career and thoughts on our current world. With commentary on Roe v. Wade,  the #MeToo movement, the future of the Supreme Court and her tips for leading a successful and open-minded life, Conversations with RBG gives readers an exclusive look at the life of a living legend.


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