7 Last Minute Interview Tips

It’s the big day of your interview. By now you have researched the company, discovered something about your interviewers, and polished your resume. You have picked out your outfit – conservative, professional, yet still reveals your amazing personality – and packed your briefcase or tote bag with a notebook, pen, and extra copies of your resume. Now what?

1. Pretend you are about to go backpacking.
Limber up: Make time for a brief sweat sesh to get the brilliance flowing. Stretch. Enjoy the full body sensation as you glide into few of your favorite yoga poses.
Map: Plug in the company address into your GPS and review the directions.
Food: Eat some protein, have a cup of coffee or tea.

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2. Remind yourself of your core values.
What is important to you? What are some examples of how your values have shaped your professional experiences and relationships thus far?

3. Discover the company’s values.
What is their mission? Does it inspire you? Do their values align with yours? Look for consistencies that will facilitate your partnership conversation.

4. Listen to something uplifting.
I like Deepak Chopra’s Soul Of Healing affirmations. You may prefer some MJ or JT to pump you up. Let music or meditation or affirmation inspire you and get your mind and heart in a good place. Feel grateful for the chance to meet new people and learn about a new company.

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5. Translate your resume.
All of your experiences to date have led you to where you are today. Maybe you have been with the same company for 10 years and are ready for a fresh environment. For example, to date I have worked at three Chicago-based marketing agencies. At my first agency I learned the nuts and bolts of agency process and the importance of developing and nurturing trust and respect amongst my colleagues. Further, I was also fortunate to learn and practice to strategy development and implementation and contribute to a winning new business pitch team . It was an incredibly valuable experience. In my second role, I sought a leadership position where I had the opportunity to own projects, lead Client presentations, and overcome challenging, unforeseen circumstances that left me feeling proud of a seemingly behemoth accomplishment. At my third workplace, I expanded my project management experience from not only strategic print and digital work but also to production, broadcast, outdoor, PR, and social media. Have a handle on what you learned and contributed in each of your previous professional endeavors.

6. Answer “why us”?
Define your reason for interviewing with this company. Is there alignment with your values? Do you love their mission? Would working there be a meaningful and fulfilling part of your life? Do you envision positive contributions you will make in this partnership? Know your “why” before walking in.

7. Examples and favorites.
Refresh your memory with examples of your biggest challenges and how you resolved them. What was one of your favorite projects? Get specific. Recall the details. The best interview discussions are not a ping pong match of each person running through a list of pre-determined questions (still, make sure you have some questions to ask!) but strive for organic conversations about the responsibilities of the role you are potentially stepping into and how your professional history will equip you with the skills and decision making capabilities to make you the ideal partner for this winning team.

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