FlightHub’s Top 3 Cities for Urban, Professional Women

In today’s fast paced world there are more women pursuing post-secondary education than ever before. With the rise of women professionals entering the workforce in their designated fields, it’s no wonder that some metropolitan areas are thriving. Among the young, urban professionals there are some cities that stand out and shine as meccas for yuppies everywhere. With this in mind FlightHub Review has put together our ultimate guide to the best workable and livable cities for women around the world.


FlightHub can’t get enough of Singapore. This beautiful and wonderful island city in the heart of Southeast Asia is home to booming businesses and luxury lifestyle. From jaw-dropping architecture to an internationally recognized foodie scene, urban women professionals (or UPF’s) thrive here.

Singapore thrives as a metropolis in many ways: its public transit is on time (a rarity in many other urban cities), the city has very strict littering laws (some of which could actually land you in jail), and public places are smoking-free. Their urban nightlife is thriving and they’re renowned for beautiful lantern-lit patios overlooking the city’s skyline. For a city this big and diverse crime rates are low, making it an ideal place for working women to live and play throughout their career. Singapore is home to many different leading industry giants in the tourism, biomedical science, and healthcare fields.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is home to almost 2.6 million Canadians. In 2014 the city was named The Most Youthful City in the World through a global index survey, meaning that Toronto knows how to play hard and work harder. As the financial hub for most of Canada’s industries, Toronto is a booming city filled with your professionals making their way up the career ladder. FlightHub strongly believes that career ladies will find themselves in good company amongst their peers in this thriving metropolis.

As the fourth biggest city in the world, the crime rate is relatively low making this urban playground safe for our working women. Eat, play and live in Toronto’s downtown district, or head out to the artsier neighborhoods of Kensington Market or Little Italy. Toronto’s foodie scene is out of control, so there’s no need to worry about where your next great meal will come from. Toronto’s openness to LGBT communities, immigrants, and diverse religions also sets it apart as an inclusive and empowering city.

Basic city amenities like public transit, public parks and other public services are regularly maintained and accessible for Torontonians, so get out and explore the city.

Austin, Texas

These days it seems like everyone and their dog has moved to Austin, and FlightHub doesn’t blame them. As a blue dot in the biggest red state there is, Austin is quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The city has become a new go-to for clean energy technologies, creative and digital technologies, and has so many different startups popping up it’s impossible to keep count. Working women will find themselves at home and in pace with whatever the city has going on. Dubbed the Silicon Hills, it’s one of the newly emerging urban centers with no shortage of work opportunities to rival the tech-giants in the Valley. Wherever your interests lie, women from diverse fields are making their way to Austin.

Along with the thriving businesses, what makes this city truly unique and the perfect place for professional women to congregate to is the quality of life you’ll come to expect in Austin. Between all the live music, the tasty barbeque, and the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds the city, Austin has everything a young professional woman is looking for and more.

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