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The old family dynamic by which men would hold jobs while women ran households has been fading into history for some time now, and in recent years it has essentially been eliminated as an expected situation. This is not to say that there are not still many families that operate with one parent at home and the other at work – however, it is increasingly common for both parents to work. In fact, some recent polls have indicated that for the first time in the United States, women are employed in equal numbers as men.

This is a wonderful trend for a number of reasons, most notably, of course, that it opens up all sorts of opportunities for women with professional ambitions. However, it can also lead to somewhat more complicated home lives, as children still require rather constant attention, particularly when they are young.

After all, what do you do with your young children when both you and your husband are spending your days off at work?

It may seem a bit strange to rely daily on the help of a babysitter or nanny, but this is a very helpful solution for a number of families out there with two working parents. Care for your children is extremely important, and fortunately there are many resources such as available to you to help you find a suitable nanny to watch over your children while you are at work. In general, however, here are a few things to keep in mind as you conduct your search:

Try not to lean toward youth if you are looking for more permanent help. For many parents, the concept of a “babysitter” brings to mind a high school or college student – perhaps a friend of the family. However, particularly if you are looking for help during the daytime hours of the week, you will need to remain receptive to the idea of employing an older nanny. Fortunately, this is an increasingly popular profession, and there are plenty of career nannies whose services will be available to you.
Allow your children to become familiar with their nanny gradually. Particularly if you are considering a long-term nanny, you need to make sure that the initial interactions go smoothly, and that your children are not overwhelmed by being abruptly left with a stranger. If your children see that their parents trust and are comfortable with their new nanny, they will be more likely to follow suit. Particularly with young children, this is a crucial step in building what will ultimately be an important relationship.
It is also important to remember to keep your new nanny happy. Many parents become preoccupied with the idea that daytime care is only for their children; however, it is important to remember that your children’s caretaker is doing you a huge favor, and is a major part of your children’s lives. Taking the time to become friendly with your employed nanny can be a great way to make him or her feel like a part of the family, and can ultimately help to make the entire situation easier!

Any career ladies, care to swap “nanny hiring tips?” Happy weekend!

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