After Graduation: Six Common Mistakes People Make After Business School


Business grads often make mistakes after graduation that can get in the way of their success. They spend countless semesters mastering difficult material in order to develop careers in fields that will contribute to the public good, but there is plenty to do after. After you’ve finished with graduation celebrations, make sure you don’t make these six mistakes:

1 Missing Bill Payments

Despite the financial knowledge they gain in business school, business grads often ignore the wisdom they’ve gained and make unwise financial decisions. One such decision would be to miss bill payments and use the money for things like gas, food, and other expenses. Missing bill payments will lower your credit score, and create financial difficulty for years to come.

2 Just Looking For A Job

Although you may think focusing all of your post-graduation energy into finding a job is a prudent decision, this may not be the case. Why? Because when you finally get called in for an interview, your prospective employer may want to know what type of productive work you’ve been engaged in. If you can’t list anything professionally significant such as an internship or volunteer work, you may not be able to compete with other job candidates who have.


3 Forgetting To Network

In many cases, business majors who have just obtained their degrees are excited about being outside of the classroom and want to spend time on entertainment and relaxation. While this is practical and even prudent, it is also important that business majors continue expanding their network in order to increase the likelihood that they will get hired and find business partners who can help them move their careers forward. They can expand their network through internships and volunteer work.

4 Not Getting Health Insurance

The rationale for not getting health insurance immediately after graduating from business school is strong. Right after graduation, many business majors opt to invest money in repaying loans or starting their own companies. While garnering as much money as possible for these ventures can be prudent, deciding not to get health insurance can be financially dangerous. To avoid having to pay large sums of money for medical expenses later, it’s a good idea to invest in health insurance now.

5 Avoiding The Idea Of Moving Home

In many cases, business grads ignore the idea of moving home in order to save money as they look for jobs and establish themselves. This antagonism and/or indifference towards moving home can result from a plethora of factors, including the fact that many business majors have entrepreneurial spirits and like to forge out on their own. Despite the personal and professional growth that can result from such efforts, it is important for business majors to remember that moving home after graduation can afford them the opportunity to save money while gaining wisdom from their parents.

If you are currently engaging in some or all of the practices listed above, you may need to change your behavior in order to ensure that you can attain the successful career and personal life that you want.

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Kara Masterson

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing about business and education time with her dog, Max.

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