After The Barre: My Post- Barre Bee Fit Experience

Before reading today’s post be sure to read part 1, “Before the Barre: My Pre- Barre Bee Fit Experience.

I ended my last post with, “confidence is a funny thing, not enough and you think you’re a fool; too much and you are the darn fool.”  When it comes to my experience at Barre Bee Fit, emphasis is on the latter part of that quote.  In my last post, I made a sarcastic reference to “feeling the burn from 2 pounds.” Well, sure enough that is exactly what happened.

In my first class, there were 2 pound weights involved and I felt the burn alright. Thighs shaking, face drained with sweat and heart rate high, I made it through the first class. I also remember thinking to myself, “shouldn’t this be called G.I. Jane studio?” because I certainly felt like I had just undergone military training.

My second class was just as great and by great, I mean my thighs were shaking again. In fact, at the time of writing this post, I have attended five classes and each time I leave feeling like I have been put through the physical wringer. What does an average military training, oh, excuse me, Barre Bee Fit class consist of? Well, there is no average Barre Bee Fit class. For starters, it really isn’t anything like military training; it is far too sophisticated and glamorous for that.  Their classes of 45 minutes to an hour are a mixture of strength training, circuit workouts, dance poses and stretches.

You work every single muscle in your body, even those tiny muscles that you don’t pay attention to when you do cardio or lift weights. What’s great about their classes too is that each class is different each week, so you really target different muscles as well as target muscles from different angles.  Yes, you will hear the instructor repeat things like, “poke it, poke it” but don’t be fooled.  That poke takes a lot of effort! Notwithstanding my military training jokes, the classes are great for any one at any exercise level but the fitness instructor will push you to work at your best so no matter what, you will feel “the burn.” I also love the music at Barre Bee Fit, which changes in each class and if you’re worried about any guys watching you while you “poke it,” the classes are targeted for women.

So, what did I learn from my Barre Bee fit experience? That I should probably have never quit dance! Other than that, to always try something new for your body. A lot of us go to the gym or run and do the same thing for our bodies over and over. But just like our brains, our bodies need to be learning new things. At Barre Bee Fit, this is something they are clearly on top of. If you need any extra motivation, below is a picture I came across that typifies my experience at Barre Bee Fit and what we should all experience when we work out. The truth is in seeing how far we can push our bodies, we often see what our minds are made of too.




Kovie Biakolo

Kovie Biakolo is a Drake University Marketing Graduate. Originally thinking she was headed to law school in Chicago or a year in Spain, Kovie found herself in the Windy City in digital writing and marketing for over a year. Currently, Kovie is in graduate school for Multicultural and Organizational Communication and started a blog, Life At Twenty Something to write about the good, the bad and the ugly of the twenty something life.