After Your DUI/OUI: Putting the Past Behind and Starting Over Right

There is no question that if you get convicted of a DUI or an OUI, these charges are going to change a number of things for you and can make life more difficult for you in the immediate aftermath of your brush with the law.

You will need the services of a OUI lawyer to for the legal help you need in dealing with the situation, but after the dust has settled and you want to try and put the past behind you, here are a few pointers to help you get your life back on track.


Dealing with the consequences

It should be remembered that the consequences of a guilty verdict are likely to vary according to the state where your conviction occurred.

Each state has a specific set of laws relating to DUI offenses and therefore your lawyer will no doubt advise you of the potential consequences relevant to your circumstances and charges.

A conviction could mean that you experience a suspension of your driving privileges or a fine, and you may have to face up to the prospect of spending some time in jail or be instructed to take part in an approved alcohol program.

There are a number of factors that tend to influence the punishment that you receive, such as whether this is your first conviction, the relevant facts appropriate to your case and even your behavior from the moment you are arrested and afterwards.

Whichever way you look at it, there are consequences to contend with as a result of an alcohol-related conviction.


Drawing a line and moving on

If you could turn back the clock, many of us who have to face a DUI conviction, would do things differently and ensure that this unfortunate scenario didn’t happen in the first place, but you just have to accept what has happened, and then aim to draw a line under the incident and set about trying to move on with your life.

The most important thing to do in such difficult circumstances is to commit to a plan that allows you to move forward, accept a lesson learnt the hard way, and to avoid looking back other than to know how important it will be to comply with the laws regarding drinking and driving, in the future.

The first step in your quest to put things back on track, should be to resolve that you will comply with all of the court orders made against you.

You may have had several different court-ordered stipulations issued against you, regardless of how harsh or inappropriate you consider the punishment and stipulations, the road to redemption starts by making sure you comply with what the court has ordered.


Be honest about whether you need help

In may well be that your DUI conviction was out of character and an isolated incident that you have been duly punished for, but if you know that you have a problem with alcohol and there is a risk that you may well end up in a similar situation again, be honest with yourself and seek help if you think you need it.

Only you know whether your conviction was a bad case of isolated irresponsible behavior coming back to bite you, or whether it was inevitable that sooner or later you were going to get caught, as a result of having a potential drink problem.

You have to be honest with yourself and get help if you need it, if you are truly going to be able to move on and put what has happened behind you.


Emotional turmoil is understandable

Almost regardless of the circumstances surrounding your drink-driving conviction, there is every chance that your personal and work relationships might be affected in some way.

This can create some emotional turmoil, if you find that your partner seems to feel differently towards you after the event or you might have to contend with losing your job as a result of the conviction.

It is understandable that you might therefore experience some anxiety and stress, which could even trigger a bout of depression. If you are going to be able to move on and get your life back on track, it may well be that you could benefit from some counseling in order to help you to cope with the situation.

This would obviously be a better option than considering alcohol or drugs in order to try and deal with how you are feeling after your conviction.

Putting the past behind you is important, and equally important is the need to start over in the right way if you are going to succeed in getting your life and your future sorted.


Noah Preston writes about life after his own OUI and the struggles he faced. His articles are aimed at helping others in the same situation, helping them to get their life back on track.


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