Another Sleepless Night? Can CBD Oil Help You Sleep Better?

Show of hands –– who has had at least one sleepless night?

Pretty much everyone, right?

Statistics show that adults all across the U.S. suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, and even occasional sleep deprivation (which could stem from overworking, taking care of small children, or other causes.)  Even after using various comfortable mattress and pillows people can’t sleep. Thankfully, there are many websites like and which educate people about sleeping health.

So, naturally, those who can’t sleep will most likely reach for something like ZZZquil or other prescribed or over-the-counter sleeping medication.

However –– what if we told you that there is another solution, one of which can alleviate those sleepless nights without the nasty side effects of sleeping meds –– like CBD oil, for instance?  Sleepless nights can be a nuisance. Taking a few drops of 600mg CBD oil can help you regain nights of relaxing rest.

Listen to our take and decide for yourself.

CBD & Sleep: How Does It Work?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical component that is derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC (which is known for its ability to get you high), CBD does not and, instead, provides various health benefits for the user (check it on these cbd oil reviews).

CBD reacts to receptors found all over the body that are responsible for regulating various systems including sleep, appetite, mood, and pain. It can be extracted naturally from the weed plant or even made synthetically –– either way, it provides the same benefits.

CBD oil can aid in sleep in a number of ways including:

  • Reduce insomnia in sufferers as well as those who suffer from chronic pain
  • Reduce anxiety which can lead to an overall improvement in sleep quality and length
  • Combat REM sleep disorder in Parkinson’s patients and improve REM sleep in those who suffer from PTSD

Research Says…

So, you now have a little background on what CBD is and how it affects sleep but, now, you want to know what the guys in the lab coats have to say, right?

Well, while research is still ongoing, there are a few studies that can be referenced regarding CBD and its effects on sleep cycles and disorders.

For example, in this study, CBD was shown to enhance wakefulness and decrease REM sleep. In another study, CBD was shown to reduce anxiety and improve sleep in a young girl suffering from PTSD.

CBD Oils To Try

Before we provide some helpful resources in procuring some CBD oil, it is important to note that we are not medical professionals and that you should consult your doctor prior to taking any supplement or altering your current medication regimen.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

So, there are a variety of ways that you can take your  CBD oil. Check them all out and pick your favorite to help you reach dreamland that much quicker.

Get Better Sleep Tonight

We all have the occasional sleepless night or, if you have a sleep disorder, sleepless nights can be a regular event for you. No matter where you stand, instead of reaching for the zzzquil or sleep meds, maybe try picking up your vape and using some CBD oil instead.

We are sure you’ll be counting sheep in no time.

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