Best Freelance Jobs in 2017


With every year that passes, the more the freelancing community expands. As 2016 comes to a close, many are seeking to escape the nine-to-five routine and work independently. This gives people the opportunity to work wherever they desire, at home or abroad. Not being confined to an office and a desk has an appeal for many.

Thanks to the internet and social media, freelancers can market themselves and find work easily. In 2016, the most popular freelance gigs included consultants, content marketers, virtual assistants and web developers. Now that 2017 is right around the corner, some of these jobs are still in demand, but others are on the rise as well. Here is a list of hot freelancing jobs to look out for in the upcoming year:

Social Media Marketing

You wouldn’t believe it, but businesses seek professionals to market their brand through social media. Using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, companies can reach out to a broader audience. This access to new customers is attractive for any start-up, as well as established corporations, so many are creating accounts to tap into these markets. Therefore, a freelancer can utilize their skills in social media and help a business engage with customers and establish a wider network.


Content Writing

Text is everywhere. When you browse down the landing page of a website, someone was hired to write that content. More and more businesses seek freelance writers to work on one time projects. This makes sense as they don’t need to hire a full or part time employee for a job that can be done in less than eight hours. In addition, blogs continue to be a source of reading for a large portion of the population (anyone with access to the internet). Businesses have noticed and now include a blog on their website to better inform customers of their product/service. Finally, there is the option of a paper writing service. Students seek help with writing as well.  And if you are great at essay writing, this could be the ideal freelance job for you.


Web Development

From website design to handling the backend maintenance, web development is in high demand for businesses wanting to establish an online presence. Not only do businesses need a website for potential customers to refer to when considering buying a product, but they need a structured and easy to use ecommerce site for the customer to complete a transaction. Whether you are skilled in graphic design, search engine optimization, or computer science, you can find web development freelance work once you build your portfolio.

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User Experience Designer

It is one thing to have a website designed and developed, it is another to have the site be user friendly. Most customers can be turned off from a site if it is difficult to maneuver from page to page. A user experience designer will test the usability of a website and work to enhance the customer’s experience. Research has shown the effectiveness of user testing.  Many businesses are beginning to hire freelance user experience designers to improve the elements of their website.


Technology has done wonders to improve our way of life, including the option for people to work away from the office. As long as you have a skill set that you can market and a company needs, you will find work. There are various freelancing websites to get you started and build your portfolio. Working independently has many benefits, but you must be willing to work hard to see the results. If you dedicate the time and give clients quality work, then you may never have to be trapped in an office cubicle again.



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