Best Tips for A Younger Looking Neck

Younger looking neck

We spend time and money pampering our face with spa treatments, lotions, potions, and creams yet little attention is paid to our neck. This is a part of our body that is looked at almost as much as our faces if we think about it!

The skin on our chest and neck is more delicate than the skin on our faces. This means it is one of the first areas to show damaging effects. These can appear as sun spots, lines, wrinkles, loose muscles, and sagging skin. Now is the time to start paying attention to your neck and stop the aging. Here are some of the top treatments you can start for keeping a smooth and wrinkle-free neck.

  1. Sun spots

If you have an abundance of sun spots on your chest, you can use a bleach cream to lighten the darker areas. This can take a long time, up to several months, and the creams don’t always smell so great, but it will work at lightening effectively. You can prevent additional sun spots by wearing a sunscreen every day. Choose something with an SPF of at least 20 to get the best results.

  1. Wrinkles and lines

Sun is the primary culprit with this damage on your neck as well. The sun interacts with the collagen and causes it to break down. Collagen is what keeps everything smooth and wrinkle-free. Choose a top selling firming creams that can help with getting rid of those neck rings that result from wrinkles. These creams are effective and won’t cost $500 per treatment like some procedures in the dermatologist’s office.

  1. Double chin

To get rid of that loose fat, you will need to get liposuction and use a good moisturizing regimen. You might benefit from a small neck lift as well. In this procedure, small cuts are made behind your ears and skin is pulled up and back to reduce the folds that fall below your chin.

  1. Crepe paper skin

This is the effect you get when the lines are very fine and the paper takes on a very dry, crepe paper effect. Crepe paper skin is thirsting for a quality moisturizer and skin-tightening cream. There are some expensive treatments you can have done in an office setting, but prepare to pay as some of the treatments can reach upwards of several thousand dollars. Instead, try some firm creams along with home remedies like tightening aloe from the aloe plant. Simple open an aloe leaf and rub the silky insides along your neck. Leave on for 20 minutes each night for a week.

  1. Poor muscles

There are neck exercises you can do to build up the muscles under your chin and neck area. Hold your head slightly forward and push your lower jaw forward. Keep moving your jaw back and forth horizontally and you will feel the muscles in your jaw and neck start to tighten. Keep doing this and add more minutes each week.

Taking care of your neck doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be as simple as following the same routine you use for your face just change out your moisturizer for something designed for your neck specifically.