Best Tools for a Spotlessly Clean Kitchen

Spotlessly Clean Kitchen

Contrary to popular misconception, cleaning the kitchen need not be a dreaded task. It is true that the kitchen is the part of our house which is most susceptible to food spills and usage of chemical cleaners for stain removal. But the next time you make use of the acidic cleaners, think again as the kitchen is the last place where you would wish to have chemical residue. Modern technology has broadened the sphere of innovation to bring along various cleaning aids which can make the whole process an extremely hassle-free one while gaining top points in the hygiene department.


It becomes essential to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen by dusting out food crumbs, pet hairs and other deposits which the kids might track in. The Sweepovac SVS1500 can be of great help in sweeping, large messes directly inside this unique vacuum system.  You can get rid of accumulating debris in super-fast speed by bringing home this easy to install gadget which is perfect for kitchens experiencing heavy traffic. It collects all the particles which are dusted towards the front portion of its suction area in its bag to prevent spillage. This insanely convenient appliance can be placed in the kitchen to safeguard you from having to bend down constantly for using the dustpan.

Cordless Handheld Vacuums

The most powerful handheld vacuums bring along a suction blast technology, which can clean every nook and cranny of your kitchen space instantaneously. These lightweight devices come with charging stations and run for an average of 20 minutes following a single charge. This time will surely suffice as you can carry out the cleaning of hardwood, linoleum and tile flooring easily. The Dyson Absolute v6 can suck up grit in no time courtesy its unbridled power. It comes with two floor tools which can be used for cleaning hard floors and carpets with absolute precision.

Steam Mops

If you wish to disinfect your floors after a cleaning session, then steam mops can be of great help. They can sanitize kitchen floors without using the harmful chemicals, which often end up leaving stains on the tile flooring. The steam mops can transform regular tap water into a hot steam, which can disinfect sealed hardwoods, tile and linoleum flooring in no time. HAAN steam mops have gained immense popularity with its CR-motion technology, which can kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs using just tap water. The steam mops come with useful attachments which can be of great help in cleaning dirty ovens, bathrooms and countertops.

Steam Cleaners

The steam cleaners operate in a way similar to the steam mops by converting tap water into an extremely powerful cleaning machine. They come with an array of attachments which can be used for cleaning sinks, stoves, counter-tops, grilles, tile backsplashes and ovens. The EnviroMate E3 Steam Cleaner makes use of dry vapor, which eliminates all allergens, viruses, and bacteria from your kitchen surface other than cleaning it naturally. You can control the level of steam depending upon the task to be performed. It’s 13-piece accessory kit and 2 hours of battery life can help you transform the cleaning chore into a cakewalk.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these tools to disinfect and cleanse your cooking den today!