Burning Bridges and Bad Karma.

When my client called last weekend in a state of emergency and desperate for help, I knew we had established a layer of trust over the years even though he had NEVER previously sent any business my way.

It has been 7 years of maintaining this relationship with my client.  “One day the timing will be right” is what he told me when I asked why we couldn’t work together on X, Y, Z project.  Well, that one day came last weekend on Saturday and it was well worth every year that passed.

It was a HUGE reminder of how important it is to maintain positive relationships with people we cross paths with every day.  It may be a brief introduction or maybe you worked together on a small project.  Leaving a positive impact with others makes us top of mind in the future for opportunities. 

Challenge: Think about someone you spoke to or emailed with today that you have never worked with before.  Will they remember you in a positive way?  Did you stand out?  Do you think they will want to work with you again? 

Additional challenge: Think of someone you have worked with in the past where you left on bad terms.  Maybe the project ended poorly, you got into a disagreement, or could not meet in the middle.  Find a way to re-connect in a positive way with that person to change their perception of you.  Why hold on to negative energy?

 Who knows when these people will instantly pop back into our lives!  Maybe with an opportunity?  Maybe not.  Either way, you’ve made a friend and you are sending positive energy into the universe which is bound to come back to you.


Nadene is an adopted Chicagoan who graduated from Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. She is a sales woman who specializes in technology solutions for business. Nadene is also a mentor, speaker and sales coach. You can find some of her amazing tips and tricks on her blog - Fresh On the Job and every Wednesday on Ms. Career Girl!

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