Burnout? Time for a Career Change?

reduce stress at work

Throughout their entire careers, people often find themselves in a role, which confiscates more from them than it gives regarding happiness, money, and energy. Initially, they might not be capable of noticing the lack of job satisfaction accumulated by daily demands. 

Our bodies and minds give us enough warnings. So, if you perceive what to look for, burnout can easily be detected before it’s too late! Is it a burnout condition where you’d like to quit your job and follow your dream? Or, is it high time for a career change?  

The Signs of Career Burnout

Lack of balance

Getting into bad habits you wouldn’t usually do is a good sign you have reached the extreme of career burnout. Overindulging in drinking, food, and smoking indicate that your soul is finding respite from the mental turbulence. 

Remain secluded from social gatherings 

Cutting yourself from social situations indicates you are stressed.

Physical ailment

Stress takes a toll on our bodies. You must take care of your physical health. Did you find that you have been off work because of ailments like headaches, dizziness, flu, and sickness? Well, this could be a severe career burnout issue.

Top Tips to Combat Career Burnout 

Consider a job or career change

Your job might be the reason which causes serious burnout. So, you either need a job change or follow your passion and start earning an online graduate degree in a field you really enjoy. If a higher degree is what you have been thinking a lot lately, then go for it! 

Know your long term and short term career objectives

You should be aware of what you actually require to feel satisfied in your work. Be honest with your dream and your ambitions. Not everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur or CEO. 

Try mindfulness 

Mindfulness is the act of focusing on your breath flow and being significantly aware of what you are feeling and sensing every moment. So, in a job setting, such a practice involves facing serious situations with patience and openness. 

You are the one who understands if leaving your job would be necessary for your mind and health. As burnout is a physical and mental overload condition, trying various physical activities or a change in career could be your lifesaver.

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