Business & Career Advice – Common Pitfalls

If you are a young person who is almost finished with formal education and is considering a career, there is much to think about. You will have a lot of varying opinions from your peers, perhaps your father thinks that accounting is a solid business to get into, or your uncle wants you to learn a trade, but you must always remember that your chosen profession should be something close to your heart, which means you would at least have a basic interest in that area.

A Question of Perception

There are different ways to look at anything, and with a career, for example, one could see it as a way to make a living for the next forty years, or, one could see our work as being something that helps us develop, and with an interest in the field of work, we can realise our full potential. You must like what it is you are going to spend the larger part of your life doing, it is as simple as that. If you are one of the people who has already identified the interest area, and have focused your studies on that field, the next step would be to seek employment with a suitable company.

Making the Right Choices

Very often, a young graduate would receive several job offers, all resulting from applications made earlier in the year, and would have to select one employer. The right choice would offer opportunities for training and valuable work experience, and providing the new employee’s performance was up to scratch, they would develop within the company. The wrong choice, on the other hand, doesn’t look good on anyone’s CV, and the person would not be happy at work, which can be very stressful. If you are in the dental industry, for example, you could use a reliable temp dental agency with FP recruitment, who can find the ideal placement for your new career.

Look to the Future

If you are yet to decide on a career path, whatever you choose should be something with sufficient demand and longevity. Dentistry will always be needed, and although the techniques might change with time, people need their teeth fixing. Many young people are seeing the opportunities in the cosmetic surgery industry, where qualified orthodontists and teeth care specialists are always needed.

Your first few years at work are critical in one respect, as this is the time where you will learn, and be able to apply your theoretical knowledge together with the practical experience, which will make you competent. Therefore, the first employer should be one that is committed to on-site training, and has the scope for promotion within the company. A specialised recruitment agency would be the best way to source such a company, and with an online search, you will soon be in touch with a reliable organisation with the right contacts.


Stay focused on your long term goals and always do your best at work, and be prepared to go that extra mile when necessary, as it is the small things that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Image credit.  Pixabay.