Cover All Your Bases: Business Travel In London

Unless you have a big per Diem or have more than enough personal money to willingly spend, going to London on a business trip should be well planned and researched ahead of time for seamless execution. With London’s rise as the highest ranking tourist destination in Europe, heading there for a business trip comes with a caveat: it can get really expensive and hectic if done without proper planning.

As a business traveller, a real Career Girl should know how to cover her bases completely to make sure that the trip is both cost and time efficient. Going on business trips can be mixed in with a touch of fun, sure. However, as someone with the responsibility of representing a company, whether it is one you are working for or one you own yourself, it will do you well to tackle this trip with complete professionalism. This shows your concern for the company, and provides the people you work with the impression that you truly care for the costs and

So what do you have to consider when scheduled to fly out to London for a business trip?

  1. Transport – From flights to car rides, try to foresee your transportation situation. Booking early is always a smart thing to do, as well as booking a car ahead. If you will not know your exact itinerary but will be given more freedom to commute, try to familiarize yourself with the stops for London’s Oyster Card, or download a car booking app like Uber.
  1. Accommodations – You would want to find a hotel that caters to business travelers like the Executive Rooms in London Kensington.  These hotels understand your needs – free WiFi, function rooms for meetings, and comfortable beds to retreat to after a long day of work. These hotels are usually situated in the busy parts of the city, but are designed for comfort and quiet so you can have a restful sleep.


  1. Representation Costs – Look up restaurants and cafes ahead of time so you know where to hold your meetings or grab a quick bite. You can always just use the hotel cafe, but in business trips like this you have to remember that pinning down the right impression especially when dealing with clients is just as important as sticking to your budget.


  1. The Complete Ensemble – Avoid taking out your card unless you really need it. Make sure that you are packed with items that you can mix and match to go from casual to business casual, at least one power suit and one evening dress, just in case. Make sure you ask for the itinerary from your host or your company. Also, don’t forget to pack a full hygiene kit. Even small things like an emergency vanity kit with a thread and needle can be useful, yet expensive when you find yourself needing it.


  1. Networking Side Trips – Another thing you have to be sure to check will be events and networking venues in London that can help you meet more people to do business with. Talk to your contacts. Let them know that you are interested in having a drink with people who are in the same industry. You can also just look up what events are going on and attend equipped with a few business cards and your confidence. Making new connections can impress your boss and also help your own professional database.


While this article seems specific to the fabulous and wealthy city that is London, these business travel tips apply wherever you go. The key thing to remember is that preparation can help a lot, not just in managing your expenses but also in making sure that things go smoothly for your peace of mind.

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