Exploring London’s Nightlife

London’s vibrant night scene is one to really explore. Every night can be a different experience as there are so many different things to do, and something to enjoy for everyone.

For the partyphiles, London’s renowned superclubs are some of the bucketlist destinations of party lovers all over the world. Veritable institutions such as the Ministry of Sound, Fabric and Heaven are among the biggest and best known places to try. If you are up for some celebrity sighting or have the means to get a real VIP experience, you can order bottle service with a minimum spend at Project or Cirque Du Soir in Soho, some of London’s most exclusive and A-List clubs.


For the chill-out crowd, you can check out London’s Bar scene. This won’t be hard to do as you will most likely see one to visit every few blocks, as drinking is generally a true blue Londoner past time. Indulge in beer and conversation in traditional bars, or check out its growing posh lounge scene.  You can find trend bars for the young, rich, and famous in South Kensington or Walton Street. You can also check out West End and visit Cocoon or Nobu on Berkley Square. London prides itself for having the world’s best cocktails, so have a drink or two!


If you are looking for Live Music, you are in the right place. After all, some of the best music acts came from this part of the world! There are quite a number of places to see depending on your genre. Rock fan? Look no further than the renowned Hammersmith Apollo. Jazz fan? Head on to Soho and check ou Ronnie Scott’s. Classical lover? There’s no better place to find classical music than in Royal Albert Hall. If you are looking to see a good hip crowd you can check out the glitzy former Camden Theater now known as Koko. London also holds concerts in a number of venues every week, some of them even for free!

A caveat however, you must be dressed to impress and ready to spend if you want to make the most out of a night out in London. You can check online to see where you can get in by guest list, which is much cheaper than having to pay at the door. Make sure that you are staying in a hotel that is close to the where all the action is and can provide you with additional lifestyle services like The Montcalm Club Hotel. You should also be sure to have transportation arranged, especially if you are having a big night.


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