How Can Small Businesses Save Money With Technology?

save money with technology

Staying up-to-date with the latest business trends tends to be at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s mind. The integration of technology into SMEs, start-ups and even the most free-thinking of enterprises is often touted as being vital to success, and fortunately such changes aren’t altogether difficult to adjust to.

Instagram for Business recently launched in the UK after success overseas, and goes to show how important it is for small businesses to connect with customers and clients through technology.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for a small business owner to integrate technology into a her business.  Most small business owners just don’t have the skillset to manage technology, nor the budget to hire someone full time to manage technology.  An IT consulting firm is an excellent resource for a small business owner.  They are able to offer skilled IT help when needed without breaking the bank.  Here are just a few ideas that a consultant might bring up for your small business.

Managing resources

The daily functionality of your business is the key to its success. To maximise efficiency, taking the time to analyse processes will slice costs, maximise profits and foster a greater understanding of how your enterprise functions.  As a small business you need to save money at every opportunity you get, sometimes you do need to spend money to save money. For example, hiring WAN consultants can really make your business elevate and in the long run save your business a hell of a lot of money.

An increasing number of businesses are actively implementing systems for smarter energy use into the workplace. Smart meters allow you to monitor how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, every day, week and month. You can spot the activities that cost the most and quickly take action to save money.

Communicating externally

Human resources are likely to be at the beating heart of your organisation. However a physical presence in the workplace is only half the story for many, thanks to mobile technology, cloud based filing and teleconferencing.

The advantages of telecommuting are well documented, including the ability to ease employee stress and galvanise motivation and productivity. Employees who loathe their commutes or find the office environment stressful are more likely to seek employment elsewhere or call in sick, whereas the liberty afforded them by telecommunications can circumvent those challenges.

Mobilising payment options

More avenues for revenue exist in today’s business world than ever before. Digital payment platforms like PayPal are already well-known and are beginning to gain traction in brick-and-mortar establishments as a viable payment option. At the far end of the scale, many businesses are even adopting cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin.

Both Apple and Android have integrated secure payment platforms into their mobile devices, making transactions a far simpler process for both the business and the consumer. Around a third of mobile users are already making regular mobile payments, while there are also fewer costly fees attached than with the traditional card swiping methods.

Going paperless

It’s easier than ever to conduct business without physical documents. A key example is the introduction of electronic receipts, which can be emailed directly to a client and reduce expenditures in tandem. The service also opens up the opportunity to engage directly with your customers via email. Smart small business owners will utilise newsletter and marketing generation platforms such as MailChimp to create content that keeps customers actively engaged, long after the purchase has been made.

Coupled with the metrics that emerge from the data produced, such as customers’ buying habits, their engagement with sales and promotions and knowledge of their favourite products, you’ll be able to save capital by investing in your target demographic’s desires.

These proven means have shown their worth time and again for numerous SMEs. By intelligently adopting such practices for yourself, you have the opportunity to create a business that has the agility and intelligence to excel in today’s competitive market.