Career Girls: What Would YOU do?

By, Nicole Crimaldi

One of our readers needs your help!

I received an email from reader “Sarah” this morning which explained that her co-worker (a veteran of her company) had been slacking, causing big messes. In the process of cleaning these messes up, Sarah started noticing that her veteran co-worker was cutting corners, telling white lies and not fulfilling her job responsibilities; therefore costing their company money and possibly even opportunities with clients.

Sarah’s co-worker has been with the company years longer than she has, and it seems that she is taking advantage of her tenure to an unhealthy degree. Now that some of the messes are coming out of the woodwork, the veteran employee has gone to their director and “stirred the pot” making it seem like Sarah receives preferential treatment and vacation time (which is not the case).

Sarah’s initial reaction was to get revenge and tell their director about all of the messes the veteran has caused lately and the financial implications they may have on their company.

While Sarah feels she has a duty to reveal truths that could hurt the company, it is my belief that her timing and delivery of the message to the director is crucial as it will determine Sarah’s professionalism and maturity.

How would you handle this if you were Sarah?

Please leave your comments for Sarah.  Thanks!

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