Support the Movement: Consider a Career in Physiotherapy

There is a growing interest in creating a healthy and active lifestyle. Are you on the same bandwagon? If you are passionate about living a healthy life, why not consider a career in physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that provides people with the chance to maximize their bodies. It focuses on the ability of the body to move, which is something that benefits everyone, both active and sedentary. It is needed by people for many reasons. Clients that usually consult physiotherapists include athletes and people recovering from injuries, but any individual who wants to improve their muscular and skeletal mobility also benefit from a session.

According to Chandler Macleod, if you want to be a physiotherapist, these are the skill points and qualifications to consider:

  1. Qualified degree
  2. Register with AHPRA in Australia, or the equivalent professional body overseas, as a Physiotherapist
  3. Demonstrate ability to work in a multidisciplinary health care team
  4. Demonstrate ability to deliver high quality  patient care and results-focused case management
  5. Have the willingness to learn and partake in ongoing professional development
  6. Have the ability to build relationships with key stakeholders and clients
  7. Have high level of written, verbal and diagrammatic communication skills

Job prospects for physiotherapists include a wide range of opportunities. These include Hospitals, Nursing homes, Residential homes, Rehabilitation centers, Private offices such as Private practices or Private clinics. You could also work in fitness centers and health clubs, special schools, senior citizen centers, and even consider the academe. As you can see, the opportunities for this profession is vast and gratifying.  Helping people maximize their physical potential is something that encourages productivity and overall well-being, something that any organization can benefit from.

Just like sports, getting hired in this industry is something that should be prepped for way in advance. First and foremost, you have to have a passion for health and practice it in your own lifestyle. It is rare to find a company that would hire a physiotherapist that does not exude the vitality that this career track is known for. Practice makes perfect. Build your resume with as much volunteer work and practical experience as you can. Polish up your communication skills and social skills. Gain exposure in as many ways as you can while studying. It will pay dividends later on when you start job hunting.

With the growing appreciation for a well-balanced lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with Physiotherapy. If you live a fit life and want to encourage your loved ones to do the same, this is the career for you.

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