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The following is a guest post by Anurag Gupta.  His bio follows.

Real estate, being both an investment good as well as a consumption good, is progressing at a very fast pace. The high ROI, ease in transaction, search for better living space and lucrative outcomes is driving a large number of people to invest large sums in this market as compared to the earlier days. This increase in real estate dealings has a big role to play in making real estate a thriving $217 trillion industry.

With an industry generating such large outputs, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that a large share of the younger populace is opting for real estate agent as a career choice. Every year hundreds and thousands of real estate agents enter into this thriving industry to make a successful career. In the US itself, the number of real estate agents has crossed the 2 million mark in the year 2016; the world stats obviously exceeding a billion benchmark. Real estate tycoons like Hong Kong’s Lee Shau Kee and Cheng Yu-tung, with a fortune of $19.6 billion and $16.2 billion respectively, are live examples of how promising a career in real estate business can be.

We know that every success story is the result of a long and meticulous process that gets overshadowed under the limelight. Getting success in real estate agent business is not easy; it requires expertise along with some additional tips and tricks. The tips that I have enlisted below would help you gain expertise in this process and create your own success story just like these tycoons did.

To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent:

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of the local market, its trends and neighborhood pricing to not have any tongue-tied moments while dealing with the clients.
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of the entire process of real estate dealings’ process to serve your clients quickly and professionally.
  • Assist a successful real estate agent to gain insights about the special tricks involved to make the process convenient. You will learn the tricks to map the neighborhood, explain the surveys and several things like encumbrances, liens, documentation, title insurance etc.
  • Hire a professional to draft a well-planned marketing strategy that would attract and reach out to a larger audience to trigger the lead generation process.
  • Use the latest technology to enhance your reach by getting an attractive and responsive website for your business to keep your audience informed about your latest dealings and offers.
  • You should have a strategically drafted business plan that should comprise of closely analyzed future goals, the time frame and the steps you’ll be taking to achieve them.  It can take your real estate business to new heights.
  • Incorporate a SWOT analysis and a mission statement that informs the audience what you are offering and what you plan to achieve with it.
  • Update your business plan on a weekly, monthly and annual basis to keep a track of your real estate journey and what changes need to be done to achieve the future goal.
  • Use social media sites to reach out to the large pool of potential buyers, sellers, financiers and investors who are reachable on these platforms where you can advertise your business to generate leads.
  • Create an impressive portfolio with quality images, HD videos, and client testimonials to fetch more prospective buyers.
  • You should have a far-spread network for fetching more clients. A “book of business” can be created where you have all the contacts readily available in time of need.
  • Keep in contact with the reputed builders, contractors, lenders, appraisers, financers, title companies and insurance providers to offer the best service to your clients. It would allow you to offer quick quality service to all your clients.
  • Remember, even the slightest delay in responding to your clients’ text, email or call can cost you a potential lead. Be readily available at all times to respond to any prospect and solve all their queries in time.
  • “Customer is the king.” Keep this mantra in your head while dealing with clients. Make the client feel important by replying to their calls, texts or emails in lightning speed, preferably through the same communication means.
  • Polish your communication skills to assist the clients about the various know-hows of real estate business in a smooth and effective manner.
  • To become a successful real estate agent, you need to keep your clients updated with the entire process. Keep them intimated about the progress with the house selling or buying process.
  • Attend the local realtor meetings to make your presence felt in the market and get an affiliated brokerage.

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Key Takeaway

Success comes in real estate business when you create a business plan that includes a smart marketing strategy giving you insights about the local real estate market while enabling you to create a large network with whom you stay in touch for the betterment of your business. If you follow this mantra in your real estate agency, you will certifiably see your business reaching new successful heights in a short period of time.

Author Bio :

Anurag Gupta writes for RealEstateIndia.com. He has a nose for the news associated to Realty Sector and loves sharing actionable advice with prospective buyers, reliable real estate agents, and investors enabling them to make smart, informed decisions rated to property buying and selling.


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