5 Ways To Prioritize Continuous Learning When You’re On A 9 to 5


You’re a proactive business brain with big career goals on the mind, so you’re well aware of the importance of continuous learning. However, like every go-getter, your to-do list is probably miles long – so squeezing in your much-desired time for learning and growth can be a challenge.

After searching far and wide, we’ve dived deep to discover how anyone can squeeze in a little more learning time in between a 9 to 5 – so you can satisfy your curious side and stay ahead of the curve!

How to keep learning new things in 5 simple steps

Use micro courses to fit continuous learning in the workplace

The days of the classic MBA or equivalent 3 year degree are waning – who needs to spend years pouring over textbooks that are outdated within a year of publication? Whatsmore, a typical on-campus educational style may expect you to squeeze work around learning, rather than the other way around.

Your learning needs to stay as cutting edge as your work, so micro courses are one of the best ways to stay curious. With a diverse and expansive offering of courses on the market, upskilling fast is possible – all within the reality of a busy personal life!

Embrace learning on the go

Who’s got time to stay hunched over a text book for hours? You’ve got meetings, deadlines and a whole lot more on your plate. Unlike other learning formats, e-learning frees you from the inconvenience of a set time and a set place. Learning opportunities await you on screens of every size! Whether it’s a spare half hour in the taxi on the way to a meeting, or a little quiet time on the morning commute, e-learning fits your on-the-go schedule.

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Attend meetups and networking events

Truth is, the most interesting and impactful educational experiences are often from your peers. In fact, it’s one of the most organic types of continuous learning in the workplace and beyond. Like a sponge, soaking up tips, tricks and best practices is an essential when you’re at the heart of a vibrant and innovative environment. That’s where meetups come in.

Attending one per month or quarter is a great way to get right in the mix and get a refresher on latest trends and learnings – all in a few hours post work.

Grab coffee with new people

Most of us imagine the day we meet some famous soul as a landmark occasion – just imagine all the things you could learn from them! However, we often don’t realise the most inspiring individuals are already at our doorstep.

Staying curious and being open to new perspectives can begin with a simple cup of coffee. Organise a meetup with one or two people who you don’t usually get a chance to speak to – and you may be surprised what you find out. Whether it be the passion that drives or the logic that shapes their decision making, there’s a wealth of knowledge among your existing friendships and connections.

Document the big wins and misses

You know what they say: it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. We’ve heard the phrase often throughout childhood, yet how often do we live it out? Documenting your big wins and misses is essential to seizing setbacks and transforming them into opportunity. Often the secret to learning isn’t stuffing your head with new ideas, rather it’s about soaking up learnings from the experiences already around you.

Over to you

A curious nature has remained the hallmark trait of some of history’s greatest minds. However, in today’s fast paced innovation landscape, curiosity is an essential to drive proactive business brains towards achieving big goals. When you’re convinced of the importance of continuous learning and committed to investing in continuous learning in the workplace, you’re setting yourself up for the best chance of success. How do you stay curious?

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