CES2019 – First Impressions and What’s Hot

Wondering what you’re missing at #CES2019?  Here’s the sneak peek that members of the media were given prior to the show’s official opening.  Remember, this is only a small sample!

Now that you’ve had a look at the show, here’s Ms Career Girl’s take.

The first impression of #CES2019, as with all the other years of CES, is a bit of awe.  With over 4,000 exhibitors from every corner of the world and representing virtually every area of technology, it’s the techie’s dream come true.

For the “outside observer,”  using as few words as possible, we’d sum up CES2019 as –

  • It’s About Time, and
  • Connecting Everything To Everything

CES2019 – It’s About Time

As so many parts of our everyday life, both personal and work, become ever more affected if not immersed in technology, it’s easy to lose touch with the why of it all.  But there’s a definite intention in the spread of adaptation of technology.

In spite of all our scientific and technological advances, there’s one thing we cannot make more of – time.  Many of the products that are showcased at CES are about saving time, by creating ways to get nearly everything done more efficiently and quickly.  We may not make more time, but we make more of our time available to do the things we’d rather be doing.

CES2019 – Connecting Everything To Everything

The internet of things (IOT) is in the midst of an explosion.  Objects and things that seemed unlikely candidates for connectivity just a few years ago are being inducted into the IOT at an incredible pace, and their use adapted to improve both utility and functionality.

All of this connectivity is directly related to the efficient use of time, by making it possible to control our day, our work, and our lives.  Imagine bringing together all the parts of an orchestra.  Alone, each has an individual function.  Together, the harmony of the whole is untold by the separate parts.

The journey to tomorrow is moving more quickly every year, and it’s fueled by the imagination of the creative genius behind thousands of companies that showcase their creations at CES.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend this (not open to the public) event, it’s one you won’t want to pass up.

Be sure to catch our post this coming Friday as we share a few of our favorite finds!

Linda Allen

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