CES®2018 – Ms Career Girl In Las Vegas #CES2018

CES CES2018 #CES2018

Unless you’ve been in a coma or on an extended wilderness trip, it’s been impossible to miss the trends in technology of late.  Three words sum it up: Smart, connected, and wireless.  There seems to be a quickening march away from all things that cannot talk to you or for you.  And nowhere is that more evident than at CES® currently in full swing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CES2018 CES #CES2018

4,000 Exhibitors, 4 Days

With approximately 170,000 attendees, CES® is the largest event of it’s kind in the world.  And, it’s not even open to the public, mind you.  That “C” stands for Consumer, so of course it’s keyed to all things that entrepreneurs from around the globe believe will be the next big thing.  Or, at least a gotta-have-it for for us who are forever fascinated with technology.

I case you’re wondering how you navigate through all that, it’s simple.  Comfy shoes and coffee.  LOTS of coffee.

And if you cannot quite imagine what it looks like, here’s a a couple of telling shots taken Day One.


What’s Hot

Ask someone what their favorite gadget or budget-busting toy is and you’ll get as many answers as there are shuttle buses running between the CES® venues.  For me, three things caught my eye today.   The admonition to “Turn up the whoa!” was in full force.  But keep in mind it’s only day one, and there’s a lot of ground yet to cover.

Here they are, a little bit of what we do most: Eat, sleep, and drive.

The Smart Bed Has Arrived

Reverie premiered a truly amazing bed that goes so far beyond anything else out there, it easily qualified for one of my “whoa” moments.   No more hunting for the bed that is just right, because this one accommodates whatever you need to be comfortable all night long.  It accomplishes its task by

  • Voice Command and Dynamic Comfort.  Pressure mapping technology recommends micro-targeted support.
  • Temperature adjustment to keep your tootsies warm all night long.
  • Zonal sound, separate for each you and your partner
  • Brain-wave monitoring to assist in accurate sleep monitoring.

The only downside I could see to this is not being able to sleep anywhere but my own bed.

The Smart Range

Since I’m not really very fond of the kitchen, this was interesting right out of the gate.  No more wondering about the correct way to cook your packaged food item.  Just scan the barcode and the range, by Whirlpool, downloads all the correct settings, including required temperature adjustments.  It’s also capable of accessing an online database of recipes.

My only question:  When will there be an optional robotic cook available?

And Down The Road You Go

You’re up, you’ve eaten, and now you’re out the door and on your way to the office.  Of course, you’re all about green energy and efficiency, so your car should be electric.  We all know about Tesla and many of the other major auto manufacturers making strides into all-electric cars.  But if you’re going to do it, why not go in real style?

Genovation is producing a limited edition Corvette that’s all electric.  Top speed:  220 mph.  Zero to 60 mph: under 3 seconds.

Anyone out there whose feeling especially generous, my birthday would be a perfect time to experience the joy of giving this little gift of speed.  Hint, hint.

More To Come . . .

We’ll check in again later in the week, after wandering more of the halls of CES®.


Linda Allen

I'm a serial entrepreneur, with a resume that makes me look like a Jane of all trades. Pretty sure we are all reluctant Messiahs, travelling through life planting seeds where ever we can. Hopefully, most of mine have been good ones! MA from Miami University (Ohio, not Florida), BA from Cal State.

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